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  • Dewbie Handmade Humidity Stone - TND

    Dewbie Handmade Humidity Stone

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    Keep Your Stash Fresh The Natural Way The Dewbie Humidity Stone is a reusable, eco-friendly solution to keeping your legal herb fresh. Requiring only water to recharge and lasting a 1000 years, this kiln-fired clay creates a hard yet porous stone that works FAST to rehydrate cannabis. Each Dewbie Stone is made with locally sources Canadian clay and packaged in a hemp bag.  Handmade in Canada Product Instructions: Soak Dewbie in water for 30 seconds or so (up to 2 min. for max absorption) Dab dry and nestle stone against dried buds for roughly 10 minutes per gram, then remove Dewbie (exact time depends on numerous factors) Works best at room temperature in a small airtight container with buds touching stone Can be easily cleaned (soap & water/rinse)

    Out of stock



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