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  • Sale -33% CDXX Concepts The Noom E-Rig

    CDXX Concepts The Noom E-Rig

    One E-Rig to Rule Them All. The Noom is Ready to Go Out of The Box and features a rebuildable atomizer with interchangeable inserts. CDXX Concepts presents The Noom E-Rig! Unlike other E-rigs on the market; The Noom features a showerhead perc glass attachment, an intuitive OLED display screen with onboard adjustment, wireless charging, and a rebuildable atomizer with interchangeable inserts. The Noom will you have flying high with it's easy operation and advanced functionality for both cold start dabs and hot start dabs. Onboard adjustability and customization. The Noom features a powerful chipset backed with onboard adjustability and a 0.96" OLED display. Choose from three pre-set settings which can be fine tuned for temperature and heat duration, and also change the color of the display for each profile setting! The Noom allows you to also change the color and pattern of the main light, and even allows you to manually adjust the coefficient for the insert being used to fine tune the accuracy of the heat cycle. A rebuildable atomizer saves money and allows you to choose an insert to match your preference. The Noom atomizer is completely rebuildable, using a replaceable heater element and interchangeable cup inserts. Included with The Noom is a ceramic insert and an opaque bottom quartz insert. A threaded atomizer cap can be removed, allowing the user to swap inserts and change the heater element if it burns out. This feature can help save a significant amount of money since you do not need to replace the entire atomizer. Zach Harrison Design American made glass ball carb cap! CDXX Concepts partnered with Zach Harrison Design, an American Glass Blower, to include a ball carb cap with pure functionality. Zach makes some of the best ball carb caps for E-rigs, and it is the perfect match for The Noom. Keep your concentrates moving and terps flowing with the ball carb cap from Zach Harrison Design. Product Specifications: Height: ~9" Base: 3" x 2" 300 ºF to 700ºF 30 to 120 Second Cycle Time Rebuildable Atomizer Ceramic Insert Opaque Bottom Quartz Insert Replaceable Heater Element Functional Glass Attachment Material: Borosilicate Glass Showerhead Perc 2200mAh Internal Battery USB-C and Wireless Charging Battery Temperature Sensor and Safety Cutoff


  • Evolv Cricket Pocket Dab Device - TND

    Evolv Cricket Pocket Dab Device

    A portable dab device made in the USA by Evolv Evolv presents the Cricket, a pocket friendly dab device engineered to perfection and built from high grade material in the USA. The Cricket is an all-in-one device with high efficiency to deliver a full flavor dab on the go. Heats up instantly and cools down in seconds, allowing for chain dabs as fast as you can load them. The Cricket is constructed from scratch resistant stainless steel with a carbon fiber faceplate inlay. Inside is a built-in battery, good for 50 to 100 puffs per charge, and a USB-C charging port. The Evolv chipset utilizes a three button control interface: a large firing button to fire and lock/unlock the device, and two adjustment buttons the adjust the temperature by 1° increments from 150°F to 600°F. The magnetic cap allows for quick and easy loading, while housing a replaceable glass chimney. A slide out compartment at the bottom of the device will reveal a concentrate storage container, along with a magnetic mini dab tool. The Cricket features a replaceable stainless steel tub that is easily loaded from the top of the device. To load: simply pull the cap off, load a dab into the tub, and replace the cap. To fire: set your desired temperature, press and hold the firing button until the screen reads 'READY', give a smooth and steady drag on the device. Repeat as necessary. To clean: remove cap, the screen will read 'CAP OFF' and set temp to max. Press and hold fire button to burn off any remaining concentrate. Use a cotton swab as you would with most concentrate devices. The efficiency of the Cricket is high and there should be close to nothing left if used properly. Evolv's tried and true temperature control technology Evolv is an American vapor technology company who's legendary chipset technology has advanced the way vapes work and the functions they offer. Evolv is known for their engineering capabilities, high efficiency chipsets, and for introducing temperature control to the mass market. Evolv continues to be one of the top manufacturers in chipsets for the vaping industry, and has now brought their superior technology to the 710 community. Pro Tip: Load small sized dabs into the Cricket for maximum efficiency. Less is more with this device, but the hits are big and flavorful. We found that a 6 to 8mm glob works great in the Cricket at 500°F to 600°F. Product Specifications: Tightly Temperature Controlled Heats In 1 Second, Cools In 5 Seconds Built-In Battery Type-C Charging Port Temperature Settings 150 to 600°F Safety Features Portable Product Includes: Cricket Pocket Dab Device 5 Extra Concentrate Pucks Spare Glass Chimney USB-C Charging Cable


  • Last stock! Ispire Daab Coil-Less Electronic Dab Rig - TOKE N DAB

    Ispire Daab Coil-Less Electronic Dab Rig

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    The Best Portable Full Induction Heating E-Rig For Dabs Ispire presents the daab; the future of electronic dab rigs! The daab is a sleek, induction heated handheld rig that’s discreet & portable; delivering the perfect hit, every time, anywhere, at any temp! The daab’s patent-pending carrier cup brings a safe, easy, and reliable dabbing experience with an all-glass airflow path for the perfect blend of temperature control and flavor. This proprietary system allows the daab to deliver consistent and accurate temperatures, without the need to replace any coils. Whether using it for tasty “cold start” dabs or high-temp clouds, induction promises the most clean, even heating for the tastiest hits available. The borosilicate glass cups heats precisely, and avoids contaminants & solvents touching your product, at custom temps ranging from 250° to 800°F. A Powerful Unit With An Intuitive Interface The daab features a dual 18650 battery (batteries included) powered main unit, with a built in Type C charging port. Utilizing an intuitive three button interface; the user can easily set the desired temperature with the + and - buttons, and enter the auto heat cycle with two clicks of the fire button. An LED indicator light will flash to show that the device is heating, and go solid once the E-rig has reached the desired temperature. All Glass Bubbler, Cup System Banger, And Reclaim Cup The all glass design of the daab features a water bubbler attachment, reclaim catch cup, inner cup, and specially designed carp cap. The water bubbler features a magnetic base that snaps into the main unit, a connected carrier cup with slotted base-connected percolator, and bend neck for comfort. The reclaim cup sits below the carrier cup, and outside the inner cup, to catch residual concentrate which can be re-heated for zero waste. The daab comes with two inner cups that should be swapped between uses during a sesh to allow proper cool down time and prevent damage to the cups. The carb cap features a long down spout to deliver air directly into the inner cup and allow swirling of the concentrate. Additional Concentrate Cups for the Ispire Daab available HERE. Check out Dope As Yola's review of the Ispire Daab! Product Specifications: Induction Heating Borosilicate Glass Cups Water Chamber Battery Operated Type-C Charging Port Pass Through Charging Viscosity Ranges Temperature Settings 250 to 800°F Safety Features Portable Product Includes: daab E-Rig Water Chamber/Carrier Cup Reclaim Cup Inner Cup x 2 Carb Cap Insulation Silicone Ring for Reclaim Cup Insulation Silicone Ring for Water Chamber Dab Mat with Instructions Type C Charging Cable Hard Case

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  • Dr. Dabber SWITCH Kit - TND

    Dr. Dabber SWITCH Kit

    The Most Innovative E-Rig for Flower and Concentrates *Limited Edition Glow In The Dark Blue and Limited Edition Glow In The Dark Green now available! Everything you love about the Dr. Dabber SWITCH, in two new glow in the dark colors. These two finishes are dope in the light and in the dark. Limited quantities available.* The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is the ultimate vaporizer for both dry herb and concentrates. The SWITCH utilizes a revolutionary, patent-pending induction system for the ultimate experience. With the flick of a switch, you can transform the SWITCH from a full fledged oil rig into an electric flower vaporizer. This unmatched versatility, paired with the incredible heating speed and unparalleled battery life puts the Dr. Dabber SWITCH in a league of its own. With 150 uses on a single charge as well as pass-through charging, the SWITCH can be used as both a desktop and a portable vaporizer. Welcome to the Future. The Dr. Dabber SWITCH utilizes a unique induction heating system that doesn't require any changing of coils for easy maintenance. Using different cup inserts with the appropriate mode, the SWITCH is fine tuned to deliver the perfect hit every time. Forget what you think you know about vaporizers, this device is unlike anything else on the market. The oil mode can be dialed in to deliver the most consistent and controlled hits, while the flower mode will hit just like a traditional bong. The best dual purpose electronic vaporizer rig, hands down The Dr. Dabber SWITCh is by far the most capable, versatile, and intuitive vaporizer on the market. If you have not had the chance to experience using one, you're missing out. Not only is this rig beautifully designed with aesthetics sure to please the masses, but it functions like a dream once you get it dialed in to suit your needs. The SWITCH comes with everything you need to enjoy your flower or concentrates, but can be upgraded with a variety of accessories that are sold separately. If flower is your thing, the included leaf induction cup is the one to use. This Gr2 Titanium cup features a medical grade black ceramic coating. Set the device to leaf mode, set your desired heat setting (hint: use the cards found in the base of the SWITCH for reference), and enjoy a vapor session like never before. The SWITCH in leaf mode tends to hit more like a traditional bong rip, so don't expect some weak cool vapor hit to come from this unless you are running low temp. Use the included reverse tweezers to remove the cup, dump the ash, pack a new bowl, and it's ready to go again. Being a Dr. Dabber product, the SWITCH is primarily focused on its ability to vaporize concentrates; and it delivers! The included white ceramic coated titanium cup is decent; but for the best experience with modern concentrates, consider getting one of the other SWITCH cups which are sold separately. The Quartz cup is a great option and allows you to run the "crystal" mode on the SWITCH. This setup produces clean hits, is easy to clean, and the experience is similar to using a traditional dab rig. For the best results for your concentrates the SiC cup or ALN cup is the way to go. Both of these materials have higher thermal conductivity, allowing for quicker heat up and better heat transfer. Since the SWITCH works from a cold start (dab already loaded and then heat applied), the SiC and ALN cups work faster and more efficiently. Water bubbler attachments and carb caps The included glass water bubbler attachment and marble carb cap work well and will give you a great experience using the SWITCH, but it can be even better. Dr. Dabber offers a variety of additional water bubbler attachments to better fit how each individual enjoys their dabs. If you like a more streamlined and easy-to-clean water filter, the Sidecar is the perfect option. If you require more percolation, a recycler, or a more condensed chamber; Dr. Dabber offers glass bubbler attachments that will do what you need. Dr. Dabber even has glass fittings for glass blowers to create their own water filter attachment, specifically designed to be used with the SWITCH. Because the SWITCH uses a proprietary system, special sized carb caps are required. The included marble carb cap works perfectly fine, but does not allows the direction of the airflow to be changed. Upgrading to a directional carb cap or bubble carb cap will enhance your dabbing experience with the SWITCH. Product Features: Two Modes Leaf Mode Oil Mode 25 Heat Settings Per mode Crystal Mode For use with Quartz Induction Cup Customizable Hold Times Self Cleaning Mode Auto Cool Down Cycles Standby Lighting 25 LED Light Show Options Stealth Mode Integrated Power Management Pass Through Charging 150+ Cycles on Full Charge Glass Percolator Attachment 50mm Ground Glass Fitting Beautiful Hourglass Profile Heavy Duty Borosilicate Stylish Design Quality Tactile Satin Finish Solid Foundation Simple and Intuitive Interface Product Includes: Dr. Dabber SWITCH Unit Glass Percolator Attachment Marble Carb Cap Oil Induction Cup Leaf Induction Cup Ceramic Filter Induction Cup Tweezers Silicone Wax Container Dab Tool Charging Cable and Adapter

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  • Sale -27% Dr. Dabber Boost EVO Portable Dab Rig - TOKE N DAB

    Dr. Dabber Boost EVO Portable Dab Rig

    The Most Underrated Dab Rig from Dr. Dabber? The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO was built from the ground up, incorporating proprietary technology, with one goal in mind: the perfect dab. Achieving the perfect dab every single time you use your vaporizer is a metric that is often overlooked, but most vaporizers on the market have little or no temperature control, calibrated to continuously heat up until a certain point in time when it cuts off. This leads to a ridiculous variance in the temperature you are dabbing at, which doesn’t make sense to us. The Boost EVO has a patent pending temperature control sensor built in, unlike anything else on the market. This means that when you are dialed in, you are DIALED IN. With six heat settings that have been calibrated with the help of customer feedback from tens of thousands of Boost users, you can rely on your Boost EVO to be consistent every single time. Pair that technology with a custom quartz dish, interchangeable glass, spectacular RGB ambient lighting and surprisingly long battery life for such a portable device, the Dr. Dabber Boost EVO is truly the next generation of the eRig. Product Features: Six Temperature Settings - 500-750° F Eleven Second Heat Up Time Revolutionary Magnetic Quartz Atomizer with built-in temperature sensor Quick Connect Adapter with airflow release Straight quartz to glass vapor pathway Enhanced ergonomics with grip pads Five RGB light modes plus Stealth Mode for discreet dabbing Exceptional battery life with built-in protection against over voltage and short circuits Up to 60 hits on a single charge 20 or 40 second hold time Pass through USB-C charging Auto shutoff after 15 minutes Durable and protective carrying case included 1 Year Warranty Product Includes: Dr. Dabber Boost EVO Unit Boost EVO Quartz Atomizer Boost EVO Glass Attachment Boost EVO Quick Connect Adapter Boost EVO USB Type-C Charging Cable Boost EVO Loading Tool


  • Sale -1%Last stock! The Puffco Peak Pro E-Rig - TOKE N DAB

    The Puffco Peak Pro E-Rig

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    The most efficient and seamless way to experience the magic of concentrates The Puffco Peak Pro is an electronic dab rig with ceramic bowl heating component, IOS connectivity, wireless charging and real time temperature control. App connectivity must be done though an internet connection and will allow users to set up various profiles, LED backlight colors, puff counter, battery life and temperature settings. This is a great way to stay organized as well as keep tabs on the system as well. This concentrate vaporizer system has a 20 second average heat up, with various unique user heat settings. The intelligent temperature calibration automatically adjusts heat based on the temperature of the bowl, allowing for a consistent experience during extended use. The Puffco Peak Pro is capable of Sesh Mode, which allows the device to maintain its current heat settings to share with friends. The Puffco Peak Pro has a beautifully designed hand blown glass attachment to serve as a water filtration system which holds twice as much water than its previous version. Concentrates are heated in the ceramic heating bowl. The rugged silicone base has a silicone base and an LED light band. This light band indicates battery life, heat setting, and shows when the device is in heat up mode. The Puffco Peak Pro has a 2 hour charge up time and an average of 30 dabs with a full charge. The device can be charge with the included USB Type-C cable and charger, but also supports Qi charging. Overall the Puffco Peak Pro is sleek and shareable device that combines form and function. Product Specifications: Concentrate Vaporizer System 30 Second Average Heat Up Multiple Unique User Heat Settings App Connectivity Various User Templates Temperature Rage Battery Life User Profile LED Light Color Puff Counter Daily Dabs Total Dabs Status State Intelligent Temperature Calibration Sesh-Mode Functionality Hand-Blown Glass Attachment Glass Water Filtration System Revised Ceramic Bowl Rugged Silicone Base LED Light Band with Haptic Feedback LED Battery Lift Indicator Green 100 to 0% Yellow 60 to 30% Red 15 to 0% Heat Up Mode Pulsing Light 2 Hour Battery Charge Time 30 Dab Average Battery Life USB Type-C Charging Built in Qi Charging Wireless Sleek and Smooth Design 1 Year Manufacture Warranty Product Includes: PuffCo Peak Pro Device Carrying Case Four Cleaning Swabs Loading Tool Carb Cap USB Type-C Charging Cable USB Charging Block User Manual

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  • Sale -23% Lookah Q7 E-Nail Banger - TND

    Lookah Q7 E-Nail Banger

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    An All-In-One Rechargeable, Variable E-Nail and Banger The Q7 E-Nail Banger from Lookah is an easy-to-use, compact, e-nail that eliminates the need for a torch to enjoy dabs. The Q7 has a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery, a micro USB charging port, OLED display screen, large power button, and two temperature selection buttons. It features a double layer quartz coil with patented technology and has cold start technology, real-time temperature control that all combine to ensure the purest and smoothest taste for enail dabbing possible. The Q7 was the first of its kind to apply a quartz heating chamber with a temperature sensor, this provides the real temperature setting so you can get every molecule of flavor and goodness from your concentrates.  Its compact size makes this high-quality device one of the most portable e nails so you can take your dabbing experience on the go.

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  • Lookah Seahorse X Multifunctional Electronic Dab Rig - TND

    Lookah Seahorse X Multifunctional Electronic Dab Rig

    E-nail, Nectar Collector, Dab Pen, E-Rig... The Seahorse X does it all The Lookah Seahorse X is a multifunctional electronic dabbing device, integrating the newest technology that Lookah has to offer. The Seahorse X can be used as an E-nail, nectar collector, dab pen, or cartridge vaporizer battery. Use the Seahorse X as a standalone device, or in conjunction with your favorite dab rig. This device features a single button for operations with LED indicator light, Type-C charging, and a carb button that doubles as airflow adjustment. The Seahorse X features two basic types of dabbing heating elements. The first type is the quartz cup, which is used as a traditional cold start banger. This configuration can be used as a personal wax pen when used with the glass cap, or included water bubbler attachment. It can also be used to turn the Seahorse X into an E-nail by using the included joint connector, and replacing the banger on your favorite dab rig. The second type of heating element is the Seahorse Coil system, which turns the Seahorse X into an electronic nectar collector. This kit includes a first generation quartz Seahorse Coil I, as well as the newest Seahorse Coil III ceramic tube. The nectar collector configuration allows the Seahorse X to be used as a portable dab straw, a hands-free dab straw when used with included stand, or a rig based dab straw when used with the included whip and joint connector. Product Includes: Seahorse X Tip/Coil Cover Seahorse Coil I Quartz Tip Seahorse Coil III Ceramic Tube Tip 2x Quartz Wax Cups Glass Mouthpiece Cover Glass Water Bubbler Flat Stand Curved Floating Stand Joint Connector Thread Adapter Dab Tool Connection Hose 14/18mm Hose Adapter Cleaning Brush USB Type-C Charging Cable User Manual


  • Last stock! Ispire The Wand E-Nail Kit - TND

    Ispire The Wand E-Nail Kit

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    A Convection E-Nail That Works Like Magic! Ispire introduces a revolutionary patented e-nail; The Wand. The Wand uses a unique induction system to transfer heat through proprietary bangers and induction cups. The device itself works as an e-torch, delivering consistent and accurate temperatures through it's heating coils. The Wand features a dual 18650 battery (included) powered system with Type-C charging, a three button interface with OLED screen, and an ergonomic form factor that can handheld or used with The Wand Tripod (sold separately). Included with The Wand Kit is a proprietary 14mm straight banger, 14mm angled banger, two inner oil cups, and carb cap. Pair with the Ispire TPD Tripod for hands-free use! Check out Dope As Yola's review of the Ispire Wand! Product Specifications: Induction Heating Borosilicate Glass Bangers Borosilicate Glass Cups Dual 1865 Battery Operation (Included) Type-C Charging Port Pass Through Charging Viscosity Ranges Temperature Settings 250° to 800°F Safety Features Portable Product Includes: Wand 14mm Straight Banger 14mm Angled Banger 2x Inner Oil Cups Carb Cap Type-C Charging Cable User Manual

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  • Last stock! G Pen Hyer Portable E-Nail Vaporizer - TND

    G Pen Hyer Portable E-Nail Vaporizer

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    The Hyer is an E-Nail attachment that combines G Pen quality and function with portability and versatility. G Pen introduces the Hyer Portable E-Nail Vaporizer; a battery pack powered portable E-nail. The G Pen Hyer features a compact E-nail with 14mm glass adapter, a 6000mAh battery pack with USB-C charging, and a magnetic cable to connect the two components. All the components of the Hyer are easily transported in the included G Pen padded travel case. The Hyer utilizes a threaded heating tank and comes with a concentrate tank, which can be swapped with a dry herb tank (sold separately). The included concentrate tank features a full quartz chamber with a custom stamped stainless steel heating element embedded under the quartz. The five preset temperatures on the Hyer allows the user to choose between 428ºF to 842ºF. The magnetic carb cap features two threaded points where the included dab tool can be screwed into, allowing it to be used as a handle to easily lift the carb cap off the main body. The Hyer is universal to most rigs with a removable glass adapter that can be changed to fit your needs (14mm Male included). Product Specifications: 428 ºF to 842ºF w/ Concentrate Tank 15 to 45 Second Heat Up Time Interchangeable Tank Concentrate Tank (Included) Dry Herb Tank (Sold Separately) Aluminum Housing Construction Light Weight Durable 6000mAh Battery USB-C Charging 3 Button Interface w/ LED Indicator Lights Braided Power Cable Magnetic Connection

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With so many E-rigs and E-nails to choose from, how do you know which ones are worth it? Toke N Dab takes the guess work out with our hand picked selection of quality electronic dab rigs and E-nails. Electronic dab rigs are the easy way to enjoy concentrates by eliminating the need for torches, and providing consistent temperatures in an all-in-one device. Unlike electronic dab rigs, e-nails allow you to use your favorite dab rigs while still providing consistent temperatures without the use of a torch.


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