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  • Sale -49% Purple Rose Supply G2 CannaMold - Cannagar Mold Press - TND

    Purple Rose Supply G2 CannaMold - Cannagar Mold Press

    Make Professional Grade Cannagars with the G2 Cannagar Mold Kit *Special pricing for a limited time only! The G2 CannaMold from Purple Rose Supply is the ultimate tool to create your own cannagars! These molds make it easy for anyone to create a the perfect cannagar in three easy steps; pack it, cure it, wrap it. Available in three sizes. Durable and easy to use cannagar mold kit The Purple Rose Supply G2 is the perfect cannagar mold kit. The sturdy mold body features dual hinges with a positive locking clasp to keep the mold secured while filling. A heavy duty packing rod is used to compress the material into the mold, and has a center hole throughout for the airflow skewer. Included in each kit along with the cannagar mold is a pack of airflow skewers and reusable wood mouthpiece tip. Cannagar size matters! The G2 Cannagar Mold Kit is available in three sizes, so choose accordingly. The Personal Mold creates cannagars with 2-4g in a long slim shape, perfect for an individual to enjoy. The Small Mold will make a 3.5-7g cannagar for smaller group sessions. And for the party-goers, big sesh, or hardcore users; the Large Mold will make a 10-14g cannagar! The latest addition to the G2 lineup is the Mini size which fits 1g. Be sure to read How to Use The Purple Rose Supply G2 Cannagar Mold Press! Product Specifications: Durable ABS construction Metal hinges and latch Packing rod with hollow core Allows room for airflow skewer Built-in funnel for easy filling Mold capacity per size: Mini: 1g Personal: 2-4g Small: 3.5-7g Large: 10-14g Includes wood tip Includes bamboo skewers

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  • Sale -36% CLIPPER Refillable Pocket Lighters - TND

    CLIPPER Refillable Pocket Lighters

    CLIPPER Refillable Pocket Lighters CLIPPER Lighters are the only lighters made for tokers! CLIPPER designed their lighters to do more than just light your favorite legal herb. The Standard CLIPPER lighter has a removable flint housing that doubles as a poker, a base with refillable valve that is perfect for packing bowls, and increases flame size when turned upside down! The CLIPPER Jet Flame has the same refillable housing as the Standard, but features a jet style flame with adjustment slider. The Jet Flame is ideal for sparking up in windy climates, or for those of you that prefer hot roasted bowls. All "Assorted" styles will ship at random for Color and/or Design.

    $1.90 - $2.90

  • RAW Hemp Wick - 10ft - TND

    RAW Hemp Wick - 10ft

    Natural Unbleached Hemp & Beeswax in a 10ft Spool RAW Hemp Wick is made from natural unbleached hemp, coated in beeswax. Hemp wick is a great way to light up since it is natural and won't transfer any fuel. This 10 foot spool is small enough that you won't have to worry about ending up with a birds nest, but long enough to last. RAW Hemp Wick is rolled into a convenient dispensing roll to keep your wick handy.


  • RAW Pre-Rolled Tips - 21 Pack - TND

    RAW Pre-Rolled Tips - 21 Pack

    RAW Pre-Rolled Tips - 21 Pack RAW Pre-Rolled Tips are made from natural and unrefined grain cut paper. Each tip is carefully cut and pre-rolled following the natural fibrous grains of the paper to ensure a perfectly round smooth tip. These tips are constructed to allow the perfect airflow, while keeping the material and heat away from the user's mouth.


  • Sicko SK-022 Multipurpose Torch - TND

    Sicko SK-022 Multipurpose Torch

    2500 ° F butane torch for all your dabbing needs The SK-022 Multipurpose Torch from Sicko is the perfect dabbing companion. This refillable butane torch can throw flames up to 2500° F (1300° C) from the single jet nozzle. The SK-022 Torch features adjustments for gas, continuous flame lock, igniter safety, and air valve for normal flame. This torch is ideal for heating your banger or nectar collector tip.

  • Cali Crusher OG Slick 2" Grinder - TND

    Cali Crusher OG Slick 2" Grinder

    Compact Ceramic Coated 4-Piece Grinder The Cali Crusher OG Slick 2" Grinder is a durable and affordable 4-piece grinder. The OG Slick is constructed of high-grade aircraft aluminum, and features a safe non-stick ceramic coating. The ceramic coating, combined with a thick plastic O-ring, allows for a smooth grind every time. These grinders a traditional tooth pattern with sharp teeth to prevent ripping, and ensures a clean grind.  Product Specifications: Heavy Duty aircraft-grade billet aluminum Non-stick safe ceramic Extra smooth and silent grinding motion Micron stainless steel mesh for pollen filtration Super sharp teeth aligned for a clean grind (no ripping) Tough and reliable Great for travel Diameter: 2" Height: 1.5"

  • Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Rolling Tray - Small - TND

    Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Rolling Tray - Small

    Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Rolling Tray - Small This small sized rolling tray from Santa Cruz Shredder is made from biodegradable hemp plastic. The composite bioplastic is made from natural hemp and is extremely durable and log lasting. The tray measures in at 7.75" x 5.75" and features a pour spout at one corner of the tray.

  • Last stock! Sicko SK-078 Pro Torch - TND

    Sicko SK-078 Pro Torch

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    A versatile butane torch with temperatures up to 2500 ° F The SK-078 Pro Torch from Sicko is the perfect torch for dabs! This torch can be manipulated with one hand and features a gas adjustment lever, piezo ignition, constant on knob, and airflow adjustment for flame. This torch can reach a maximum temperature of 2500° F, making it perfect for heating your dab nail, banger, terp slurper, or dab straw tip!  

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  • Cali Crusher Homegrown Standard Quick Lock Grinder - TND

    Cali Crusher Homegrown Standard Quick Lock Grinder

    US Made Precision 4-Piece Grinder w/ Quick Lock Technology Cali Crusher presents their revolutionary Homegrown 4-piece Grinder. These grinders are proudly made in the USA from 6061 aerospace aluminum, and finished a type II anodizing with a sand blasted finish. Their patented 4-Way Quick Lock System allows for quick-and-easy disassembly, and reassembly, with a simple 1/8 turn. No more fiddling around with fine threads; worrying about cross threading or jamming. The Best Herb Grinder On The Market The Homegrown Grinders utilize a patented Radial Blade System, which cut one way and fluff the other. The advanced tooth pattern allows for high capacity loading, while the large hole pattern prevent clogging. Cali Crusher uses powerful neodymium earth magnets to secure the top, and a replaceable plastic O-ring to ensure smooth operation. Each grinder comes with 210 count micron screen that can be easily replaced or upgraded using a 3/32 inch hex wrench. Lastly, the bottom catch features deep side walls with rounded edges for easy collection. Proudly manufactured in San Diego, California. Product Specifications: Original 4-Way Quick Lock technology: a quarter turn to open and close Removable screen for upgrades, repairs and cleaning Rounded catch chamber delivers seamless pollen collection Grooved edges for easy grip Ultrasonically cleansed 6061 aerospace aluminum Powerful magnets produce superior closure: grab the grinder by the lid Patented radial blades for maximum shred: cuts one way, fluffs the other New blade layout allows for a larger loading capacity Teeth covered under a lifetime warranty Includes a guitar pick scraper Diameter: 2.22" Height: 2.03"

  • Sale -50% Aleaf Stubby 5" Butane Torch

    Aleaf Stubby 5" Butane Torch

    A 5" tall butane powered blow torch with classic design styling and flame control. The Aleaf Stubby 5" Butane Torch is a compact blow torch with turbo flame head. This torch features an adjustable gas dial and electronic ignition switch, along with a wide base to prevent knocking it over. The switch, dial, and base can be removed for customization; and the front nozzle can be further customized with a heat shield. The Aleaf Stubby Torch can reach temperatures up to 2500°F.


  • Sale -40% Wu-Tang Metal Rolling Tray - Mini - TND

    Wu-Tang Metal Rolling Tray - Mini

    Out of stock

    Classy Black Mini Rolling Tray With the Iconic Wu-Tang Logo 'Bring Da Ruckus' to your sesh with the Wu-Tang Metal Rolling Tray. Sporting the classic Wu-Tang logo on an all black background, this mini rolling tray is an instant classic. Measuring in at 7 inches by 5.5 inches, you can keep the thang on you and be ready to roll up wherever you go.

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  • Santa Cruz Shredder Medium 4-Piece Grinder - TND

    Santa Cruz Shredder Medium 4-Piece Grinder

    Santa Cruz Shredder Medium 4-Piece Grinder The Santa Cruz Shredder medium 4-piece grinder is standard for the average toker. These grinders are made from anodized medical grade aluminum and are the perfect size for everyday herb shredding. Santa Cruz Shredder utilizes their unique thread pattern for easy disassembly/reassembly, a friction ring for smooth grinding, and a textured grip for easy use. These features, combined with their innovative tooth pattern and high-quality rare earth magnets, make the Shredder stand out above the rest.   Product Specifications: Anodized medical grade aluminum Unique thread pattern, friction ring, and textured grip High-quality rare earth magnets Innovative tooth design 4-piece design Top cap Main body Filter screen body Catcher Height: 2 1/8" Diameter: 2 1/8"

Be prepared for your sesh with all the essentials! If you are a toker or a dabber, you need to make sure you have the bare necessities like a lighter, torch, rolling tray, and grinder. Toke N Dab offers a hand picked selection of essential preparation accessories from some of the best brands in the industry.


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