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  • Sale -33% MK100 Astronaut Premium Hand Pipe - TND

    MK100 Astronaut Premium Hand Pipe

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    The Moon Man Steamroller Hand Pipe Has Touched Down MK100 Glass presents the Astronaut Premium Hand Pipe! This one-of-a-kind steamroller hand pipe features a little moon man standing on an asteroid diffuser, that becomes surrounded by smoke as it is used. The steamroller style pipe allows you to build up smoke inside the chamber for a large, thick hit. The bowl portion of the pipe features glass work to resemble a solar flare, with the carb being a hot spot. Additionally, the Astronaut Hand Pipe features two feet to keep it from rolling, when it is laid down. Ultimately this hand pipe can be incognito if standing on a shelf, as it appears to be some space-tacular glass ornament. Pairs perfectly with the MK100 UFO Dab Rig Set. Product Specifications: Length: 4" Width: 1.5" Height: 1.5" Carb Position: Left Filtration Type: Astroid Diffuser

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  • Toxic Glass Mini Steamroller Hand Pipe - TND

    Toxic Glass Mini Steamroller Hand Pipe

    A pocket sized glass steamroller pipe with multicolor glass The Mini Steamroller Hand Pipe from Toxic Glass is a pocket friendly heavy hitter. Retaining traditional steamroller functionality, this hand pipe features a single diameter chamber, a carb at the front, a dugout bowl towards the front, an inverted ash catcher mouthpiece, and glass feet to keep it from rolling away. Product Specifications: Length: 4" Diameter: 3/4" Carb Position: Front Filtration Type: Inverted Ash Catcher Mouthpiece

  • INEX Brand HVY Hand Pipe - TND

    INEX Brand HVY Hand Pipe

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    The Nearly Indestructible Hand Pipe The HVY Hand Pipe from INEX Brand is a thick steamroller hand pipe. This pipe is made of thick glass that prevents it from shattering if accidentally dropped. The HVY has a nice deep bowl with an inverted ash catcher mouthpiece. A flat base keeps this steamroller from rolling, and the overall design is very comfortable in the hand. Product Specifications: Length: 4 1/2" Width: 2" Height: 2" Carb Position: Front Filtration Type: Inverted Ash Catcher Mouthpiece

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A Steamroller Pipe is a type of hand pipe that is capable of delivering massive hits. These pipes function similar to a bong, but in a handheld fashion without water filtration. The shape and design of a Steamroller is a wide cylinder for increased volume, with a carb hole usually positioned at the front. The chamber of the Steamroller allows the user to fill it with smoke before clearing it with a single inhale, once releasing the carb.


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