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  • Session Goods Glass and Silicone Bowl Cleaner Ashtray - TOKE N DAB

    Session Goods Glass and Silicone Bowl Cleaner Ashtray

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    A stylish ashtray with removable bowl scraper and silicone lid Session Goods presents their Glass and Silicone Bowl Cleaning Ashtray. Like all of Session Goods products, this ashtray has sleek styling and great functionality. The all glass ashtray is fitted with a removable bowl scraper, silicone base, and silicone lid. Take this ashtray wherever you toke and don't worry about ash getting everywhere, thanks to the snug fit lid. The silicone base keeps the ashtray in place and is removable to allow access to the bowl scraper. This beautiful, yet simple, ashtray also features rest points for your joints or blunts. Product Specifications: Black Tinted Borosilicate Glass Resealable Silicone Lid Built-In 10mm Bowl Stand Silicone Footer Protects Glass Interchangeable Fire Retardant Bowl Scraper Two Tapered Rests 88mm Diamater 44mm Height

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  • Ugly House 4" Silicone & Glass Ashtray - TND

    Ugly House 4" Silicone & Glass Ashtray

    Silicone and glass ashtrays with fun and colorful designs Ugly House presents their 4" Silicone & Glass Ashtrays! These glass ashtrays feature a colorful silicone skin that keeps it in place and provides a layer of protection. Available in different fun designs and colors to match your vibe. Product Specifications: Glass Ashtray Protective Silicone Sleeve Four Indents To Hold Your Smoke 4" Diameter 1" Depth

  • Debowler Narwhal Silicone Ashtray - TND

    Debowler Narwhal Silicone Ashtray

    The original debowling ashtray with a silicone Narwhal design and aluminum spike Debowler presents the Narwhal Silicone Ashtray. This XL 5.125" silicone ashtray features a clever narwhal design with wave edge accents and a removable aluminum bowl cleaning spike. Keep your bowls clean by simply turning a cashed bowl upside down and using the spike to scrape and clean out the bowl! The silicone ashtray is heat resistant and dishwasher safe. Product Specifications: Dishwasher Safe Easy to Clean Extremely Durable Heat Resistant Naturally suctions to surfaces for one handed use XL Size (5.125" in diameter) Soft platinum cure silicone bowl with removable aluminum spike

Ashtrays are an essential item to keep the rotation going during a sesh. Ash trays help prevent ash from getting all over your person, furniture, home, or vehicle. Ashtrays with a debowler are an easy way to clear the bowl of ash so that you can pack a fresh one.


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