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  • Sale -30% MK100 Glass Dichro Hammer Hand Pipe - TND

    MK100 Glass Dichro Hammer Hand Pipe

    Dichro Glass Hammer Pipe With Wig-Wag Design These Hammer Hand Pipes from MK100 Glass are fully worked and feature a combination of Dichro and Wig-Wag. The hammer design features a rounded bottom with a flat plane to stand the pipe. The neck transitions between different diameter sections before concluding at the mouthpiece. This heady glass hand pipe features intricate glass techniques, a hammer shape, and everything you could want from a dry pipe.  Product Specifications: Length: 5" Width: 1 3/4" Height: 2" Carb Position: Left


  • Last stock! Nectar Collector Hammer Delux Attachment - TND

    Nectar Collector Hammer Delux Attachment

    3 in stock

    Turn any Nectar Collector Core into a Hammer Water Filtered Hand Pipe! The Nectar Collector Hammer Delux tip turns your Nectar Collector into a HIGHLY functional water pipe by pulling double duty as a flower bowl and dry ash catcher. Approximately 3 inches tall. Fits all Nectar Collectors with a threaded collar. Traditional water pipes can’t touch this! Handmade in USA. Shop the Nectar Collector collection for compatible Nectar Collector Core Kits. Product Includes: 1 x Hammer Delux

    3 in stock


Hammer pipes are dry hand pipes with the shape of a hammer or gavel. These pipes have a larger chamber that tapers down into the handle section to help with filtering and cooling.


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