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  • Twisted Hemp Flavored Wraps - 4 Pack - TND

    Twisted Hemp Flavored Wraps - 4 Pack

    Stay Twisted With Flavored Hemp Wraps From Twisted Hemp Twisted Hemp full flavor, full width, wraps are made from natural hemp! No tobacco and no nicotine. Twisted Hemp offers a variety of tasty flavors and a non-flavored original hemp wrap for you to choose from. These hemp wraps are perfect for rolling-your-own and are a great alternative to traditional tobacco leaf blunt wraps. Each pack contains 4 slow burning hemp wraps measuring in at 105mm by 47mm, in a re-sealable package. Why we like Twisted Hemp Wraps... Twisted Hemp Wraps are soft, easy to roll, and come with 4 hemp wraps per pack. The added flavor twist adds something different to the smoking experience, quite like flavored blunt wraps. Overall these wraps burn slow, taste great, don't contain nicotine, and roll up nicely. Flavors Profiles: Blue Banana: Blueberry Banana Blue Raspberry Cherry California Dream: Strawberry? Cherry? It's a mystery. Endless Summer: Mango Pineapple Grape Burst Plain Jane: Natural Sweet: Original Sweet Blunt Taste Tropical Breeze: Tropical Fruit Menthol

  • High Hemp Organic Hemp Wraps - 2 Pack - TND

    High Hemp Organic Hemp Wraps - 2 Pack

    Vegan, Non-GMO, organic natural hemp wraps from High Hemp High Hemp presents their 100% organic Hemp Wraps. These wraps are are vegan, non-GMO, and all natural hemp derived. High Hemp offers their Organic Hemp Wraps in non-flavored natural, as well as a variety of flavor profiles for a little something extra during your sesh. Each pack contains two hemp wraps measuring in at 100mm by 44mm, and two filter tips.

  • Crop Kingz Rocket Roll Hemp Cone With Biodegradable Flavor Tip - TND

    Crop Kingz Rocket Roll Hemp Cone With Biodegradable Flavor Tip

    Flavor packed biodegradable tipped hemp pre-rolled FYO cone  Crop Kings presents the Rocket Roll! A premium organic hemp cone featuring a flavored tip that is 100% biodegradable. Each Rocket Roll has a tip made from compressed sugar with flavoring, making them great tasting and completely biodegradable. These sugar tips slowly release flavor as you use them, adding a subtly sweet twist to your sesh. The pre-rolled Fill-Your-own cone is made from organic hemp for a completely tobacco-free and nicotine-free experience. Each pack contains one (1) Rocket Roll, and a packing stick help load the cone.

  • Sale -30% PackWraps x Twisted Hemp Impossible Leaf Wraps - TND

    PackWraps x Twisted Hemp Impossible Leaf Wraps

    The first tobacco-free, tobacco leaf inspired, hemp blunt wrap! PackWraps and Twisted Hemp introduce the PackWraps Impossible Leaf Wraps! Pack like the Pros with this ultra premium Impossible Leaf Wrap. The Impossible Leaf Wrap is a Tobacco and Nicotine free wrap designed to mimic the properties of a natural leaf. This brand new type of wrap stays fresher longer, burns slowly and has a fresh great taste, all while still providing that signature natural leaf feel. This product is sold in a kit with a reusable and USA made glass tip and the Pro Packer XL Tool to help you pack like a pro. Each wrap is hand crafted and machine cut in a whale tail shape in order to prevent canoeing and ensure an even burn signature. Each pack contains two (2) PackWrap leaves. Pro Tip: Do not wash or wet the entire Impossible Leaf Wrap as it is likely to tear. Only hand break your material and do not use a grinder as you want it kind of chunky for the best results. Product Specifications: 2x Impossible Leaf™ Wrap Slow Burning & Great Taste Tobacco Free & Nicotine Free World’s First Impossible Leaf™ Long Lasting Freshness Mimics the properties of natural leaf Specialty Whale Tail Cut for an even burn signature Pro Packer XL - Herb Packing Tool Packs the perfect XL blunt for your fresh greens Do it like the pros with this all in one blunt making kit. Fits 2 Grams of Herb Reusable Filtered Glass Tip Medical Grade Borosilicate Glass Engineered for a cool draw Filters out large particles MADE IN THE USA


  • Sale -30% Humble Slow Burning Hemp Wraps - 2 Pack - TND

    Humble Slow Burning Hemp Wraps - 2 Pack

    Humble Slow Burning Hemp Wraps Humble presents their slow burning, non-GMO, Hemp Wraps made from the finest hemp plants. These wraps are a great alternative to traditional blunt wraps; made from natural hemp and flavored to perfection. Each pack contains two slow burning wraps measuring in at 107mm by 45mm a piece.


Hemp wraps are large flat papers, thicker than standard rolling papers, made out of hemp. Hemp wraps are designed as an alternative to traditional blunt wraps, which are made from tobacco. These wraps are used to roll or wrap your legal herb for the purpose of smoking. Hemp wraps are available with a variety of flavoring added to them, or with no flavor for a natural taste.


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