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  • CDXX Colorful Cones Rice Paper Pre-Rolled Cones - Pack of 8 - TND

    CDXX Colorful Cones Rice Paper Pre-Rolled Cones - Pack of 8

    Colorful rice paper cones for a classy toke The CDXX Colorful Cones are a pack of 8 pre-rolled cones made from rice paper. These eye-catching cones feature a gold shrouded filter tip and are colored with plant based dyes. Each pack contains 8 individual pre-rolled empty cones and 4 packing rods to help you load them. Each cone can hold up to 1.5 grams.

  • CDXX Graphics Cones Rice Paper Pre-Rolled Cones - Pack of 8 - TND

    CDXX Graphics Cones Rice Paper Pre-Rolled Cones - Pack of 8

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    Pre-rolled rice paper cones with cool and cute graphics The CDXX Graphics Cones are a pack of 8 pre-rolled cones made from rice paper with graphics printed on the paper. These fun and colorful cones feature a foil shrouded filter tip and are printed with soy oil ink. Each pack contains 8 individual pre-rolled empty cones and 4 packing rods to help you load them.  Each cone can hold up to 1.5 grams.

  • Sale -33% MK100 Glass Electroplated 10" Mini Z Beaker Bong - TOKE N DAB

    MK100 Glass Electroplated 10" Mini Z Beaker Bong

    The small and mighty, zong with electroplated finish from MK100 Glass The new Electroplated 10" Mini Z Beaker Bong from MK100 Glass is the smallest Zong style water pipe offered from MK. Available in four beautiful electroplated finishes, the Mini Z is the ideal bong for everyday use. This bong features a German diffused downstem for maximum percolation, and the iconic MK diamond handle bowl piece. Both the downstem and bowl are finished in matching electroplated colors. The electroplating gives a rainbow iridescence over the base color of the glass which makes this piece as stunning as it is functional.   Product Specifications: Height: ~10" Thickness: 7mm Base Diamater: 4" Joint: 14mm 45° Stem Design: Removable 19mm to 14mm Downstem Single Percolator German Diffused Downstem 2 Kink Z Tube 14mm Bowl Included


  • Sale -10% Sunakin H2OG Swap Portable Silicone Water Pipe - TND

    Sunakin H2OG Swap Portable Silicone Water Pipe

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    Portable Handheld Silicone Water Pipe with Glass Bowl and Water Chamber The H2OG Swap from Sunakin is a portable handheld water pipe with swappable pieces. The Swap is designed off the Sunpipe H2OG and features silicone pieces along wit the glass water chamber and a glass bowl insert. Designed for portability; the Swap is light weight, durable, has a secure bowl lid, and an anti-spill water chamber design. Fill it, Pack it, Take it, Smoke it The H2OG Swap features a simple design that is easy to use and easy to clean. The spoon part of the pipe is made of high grade, BPA free, silicone and connects to the water chamber with a mini diffuser. A glass bowl insert seats securely in the spoon and can hold a healthy amount of legal herb. Pack your bowl ahead of time, secure the built-in lid, and take your packed pipe with you wherever you go. The glass water chamber features an anti-spill design, allowing you to take your Swap both packed and with water in the chamber.  An easy to clean design makes the Swap great for everyday use The Swap fully dissembles into five pieces for an easy clean up. The bowl and water chamber can be popped off and cleaning like any other piece, using glass bong cleaner or isopropyl alcohol. The three silicone pieces can be cleaned with a mixture of 1 cup hot water, 3 drops of dishwashing detergent, and 2 teaspoons of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.  Customize or replace your glass with Sunakin H2OG Replacement Glass.

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  • Last stock! Zob 15" Stemless Straight Tube w/ Inline And UFO Percolators - TOKE N DAB

    Zob 15" Stemless Straight Tube w/ Inline And UFO Percolators

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    Zob's 15 inch Straight Tube Bong Featuring an Inline Perc and UFO Perc Zob presents their 15 inch Straight Tube Bong, featuring an inline perc and UFO perc. This dual chamber scientific glass bong is made from 5mm thick borosilicate glass. The stemless design feeds down through a slotted inline percolator before making its way up into the second chamber through a UFO percolator. Zob's splash guard sits above the second chamber to prevent any water from reaching the user's mouth. The dual chamber method with two stage percolation delivers smooth hits every time. The Zob 15" Stemless Straight Tube Bong features a 19mm joint and comes with a 19mm bowl piece. Product Specifications: Height: ~15" Base Diameter: 135mm Stem Design: Stemless Joint: 19mm 90 Degree Dual Chamber Dual Percolator Incline Perc UFO Perc Splash Guard Ice Pinch 19mm Bowl

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  • ROOR Classic 14" Straight Tube 24K Gold Fume Purple Pink 50x5mm - TOKE N DAB

    ROOR Classic 14" Straight Tube 24K Gold Fume Purple Pink 50x5mm

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    The Classic 14" ROOR Straight Tube finished in 24K Gold Fume The Classic 14" Straight Tube Bong from ROOR with a special 24K fumed finish with pink and purple tones. These bong are made from a 50mm by 5mm thick German Schott glass tube, and finished with a special process known as fuming. During the fuming process 24K gold is held up to the flame, causing the metal to vaporize onto the glass. The finished result is a beautiful color shifting pink and purple with gold hue. The ROOR straight has been scientifically proportioned to make each use an easier pull with more diffusion, that provides more smoke per draw. The Authentic Features that make a ROOR a True Classic Each classic ROOR straight features a triple ice pinch, a hand measured and precisely cut downstem with open end, and a ROOR funnel bowl. A unique signature can be found on the chamber, and an authenticator tag wrapped around the tube. Product Includes: ROOR 14” Straight Tube 50mm X 5mm Thick w/ Decal ROOR Fumed Low Profile 18.8mm/14.5mm Open Ended Downstem ROOR Fumed Medium Funnel Bowl ROOR Box ROOR Authentication Seal

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  • GRAV Wedge Bubbler - TND

    GRAV Wedge Bubbler

    Sleek, stylish, and functional. This bubbler is the perfect daily driver The updated GRAV Wedge Bubbler has been tweaked and contoured into the smooth operator you see before you. Rounded edges give the piece a comfortable-yet-secure hand-feel. A new 4-cut perc and curved front edge on the chamber make it easier to draw smoke through minimal water. Rip it hard and keep your lips dry, thanks to the restricted mouthpiece. And a balanced design provides stability and resistance to tipping. Pick it up. We dare you. You’ll never want to put it down. Product Specifications: Length: 3" Width: 2" Height: 5" Removable 14mm Cup Bowl Filtration Type: Water / Fission Downstem

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  • Last stock! US Caliber Designs .75 Caliber Tomahawk 16" Bong - TOKE N DAB

    US Caliber Designs .75 Caliber Tomahawk 16" Bong

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    The M.O.A.B. (Mother Of All Bongs) The .75 Caliber Tomahawk is the biggest piece of smoking artillery offered from US Caliber Designs. The Tomahawk features all of the great elements found in the 12" .75 Caliber Bong, but with the addition of an incycler and thicker glass. This 16" beast of a bong filters through a twin turbine percolator before moving up to the incycler splash guard. The stemless design features graduation marks on the down pipe to help gauge the optimal water level. Packed inside a custom wooden crate, the .75 Caliber comes ready to use with an included 18mm bowl piece.  Product Specifications: Height: 16" Body Diameter: 75mm Glass Thickness: 7mm Joint Size: 18mm Twin Turbine Percolator Incycler System Aircraft Grade Aluminum Base Custom Wooden Crate 18mm Bowl Included US Caliber Decals Made in USA

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  • MJ Arsenal The Commander Blunt Bubbler - TND

    MJ Arsenal The Commander Blunt Bubbler

    Nothing But Smooth Blunt Blasts From This Tiny Tank The Commander is the newest blunt and cone bubbler from MJA. Load your favorite “flower cannon” into this green borosilicate bubbler and enjoy a smoking experience like none other. Utilizing a triple slit, base connected percolator, this tank is made to achieve the smoothest smoke while maintaining the most durable structure possible. Made to withstand the most rugged terrain and handle some serious smoke. Elevate any ordinary session and fire away with The Commander. Made for use with your favorite blunt or cone. Not a hand pipe. Product Specifications: Green Borosilicate Glass Frosted Port Triple Slit Perc Base Connected Downstem 3.1mm Thick


  • Anomaly Colfax Wood Dugout Kit - TND

    Anomaly Colfax Wood Dugout Kit

    A classy wood dugout with metal accents and a glass bat The Colfax Dugout Kit from Anomaly is an elegant and classy rendition of the classic dugout. This beautifully crafted dugout features a wood housing with metal accents, a six point magnetic cover with storage plug, and a glass one-hitter. The classic dugout with a sexy makeover The Colfax Dugout is the size and shape of a pack of cigarettes; making it extremely portable and comfortable in your pocket. The storage chamber size holds a hefty amount of ground up legal herb, with the one hitter nestled securely in the second chamber. Simply open the dugout, remove the bat, press the front of the bat into the ground up herb to load, light, and enjoy. Repeat as necessary to achieve the right dose. Product Specifications: 3.5" x 2" x 1" Magnetic Lid with Plug Holds up to 2g 3" 12mm Glass One-Hitter (Bat) Product Includes: Colfax Wood Dugout Glass One-Hitter Velvet Carry Bag Sticker

  • VIBES The Cali Pre-Roll Cone 2 Gram - 3 Pack - TND

    VIBES The Cali Pre-Roll Cone 2 Gram - 3 Pack

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    Nothing Quite like Cali Vibes For Your High Entrepreneur and prolific Bay Area rapper, Berner, is introducing his most intimate pre-rolls yet—the Cali by VIBES. The Cali is all about the detail and mimics Berner’s signature rolling style: a cylindrical pre-roll tube with a wide circumference that delivers optimal airflow, comfortable pulls, and a big-smoke experience. The tips are developed to provide the stability needed to fill up the (empty) pre-roll, while also filtering out any unwanted particles. This is a 2G capacity Cali. Product Specifications: 2G Capacity Wide, Cylindrical Shape Optimal Airflow Big-Smoke Experience Cultivated in France Hand-Rolled in the Dominican Republic Acacia Gun

  • GRAV Classic Sherlock Hand Pipe - TND

    GRAV Classic Sherlock Hand Pipe

    Sherlock wishes he had a pipe like this... The GRAV Classic Sherlock is a practical piece that makes a stylish statement. The big bowl and the ash catching crimp and mouthpiece set you up for long hours of smooth and tasty hits. The thick glass makes the pipe sturdy and durable and the silky curves will catch everyone's eye. Once the GRAV Classic Sherlock is yours, the only mystery will be how you went so long without it. Product Specifications: Length: 5 1/2" Width: 1 1/4" Height: 1 5/6" Carb Position: Left Filtration Type: Inverted Ash Catcher Mouthpiece

1. the drawing of a puff from a cigarette or pipe, typically one containing cannabis.
1. smoke cannabis.


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