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  • GRAV Classic Sherlock Hand Pipe - TND

    GRAV Classic Sherlock Hand Pipe

    Sherlock wishes he had a pipe like this... The GRAV Classic Sherlock is a practical piece that makes a stylish statement. The big bowl and the ash catching crimp and mouthpiece set you up for long hours of smooth and tasty hits. The thick glass makes the pipe sturdy and durable and the silky curves will catch everyone's eye. Once the GRAV Classic Sherlock is yours, the only mystery will be how you went so long without it. Product Specifications: Length: 5 1/2" Width: 1 1/4" Height: 1 5/6" Carb Position: Left Filtration Type: Inverted Ash Catcher Mouthpiece

  • Sale -10% GRAV Sitter Sherlock Hand Pipe - TND

    GRAV Sitter Sherlock Hand Pipe

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    GRAV Sitter Sherlock Hand Pipe Rest easy knowing that your GRAV Sitter Sherlock is stable and the mouthpiece is clear of the table when you put it down between hits. Because of the unique shape, smoke travels far vertically in this piece, giving it time to cool down and leave behind resin, but the pipe is still compact and easy to store. The advantages of the Sitter Sherlock are so obvious, it's elementary. Product Specifications: Length: 4" Width: 1 1/2" Height: 3 1/2" Carb Position: Left

    Out of stock


Toke in style with a Sherlock Hand Pipe. Sherlock pipes feature an old school detective design where the neck is curved upwards from the bowl. These hand pipes add a bit of sophistication to your day dreaming stoner vibe. Perfect for lounging or for thinking up your next creative adventure, Sherlock pipes help cool the smoke with their longer curved neck.


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