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  • Cali Crusher The Traveler Portable Chillum - TND

    Cali Crusher The Traveler Portable Chillum

    Portable One-Hitter With Aluminum Casing and Magnetic Cover Cali Crusher introduces The Traveler: a 16mm glass chillum protected by their Homegrown 6061 anodized aluminum. The silicone mouthpiece is grooved for hands-free usage and two O-rings hold the glass in place. A magnetic lid keeps your bowl safely packed until you are ready to spark up. It can be completely disassembled for cleaning purposes. Product Specifications: 16mm Glass Chillum 6061 Aerospace Aluminum Shell Silicone Mouthpiece Magnetic Lid Height: 4.75" Width: 1"

Chillums, also known as one-hitters or tasters, are compact straight tube hand pipes. Chillums features a small bowl at one hand good for a single solid hit, which is perfect for controlled dosing. These pipes can easily be carried on your person, and often times can be carried with a bowl packed and secured.


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