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  • Lookah Seahorse 2.0 Electronic Dab Pen - TND

    Lookah Seahorse 2.0 Electronic Dab Pen

    Discrete dabs on the go made easy with this dab straw The Seahorse 2.0 from Lookah is the latest and most advanced person electronic dab pen. The Seahorse 2.0 features an easy-to-clean design, a new durable ceramic tip, USB Type-C charging, and retains an easy-to-use functionality. The built-in 650mAh battery provides enough power for all day use, and is quickly charged via Type-C charging part located on the side of the device. Utilizing a single button activation with LED indicator; the Seahorse 2.0 allows the user to turn on/off the device, switch between three power settings, enter dab mode, and visually see each setting. The newest feature of the Seahorse 2.0 is the easy-to-clean design. Utilizing a magnetic mouthpiece and cap, a threaded magnetic collar, and magnetic cover plate; the included  Seahorse 2.0 cleaning brush can easily clean the airflow channel without any hassle. This features greatly prolongs the life of the device and makes it more than capable for everyday use. Lookah also introduced a brand new tip design to compliment the new series of Seahorse products. The new Seahorse Coil III features a ceramic tube design with imbedded heating element. This new design is more durable than previous Seahorse coils, is easier to clean, and is capable of producing maximum vapor!

  • Sale -10% Huni Badger Electric Nectar Collector - TND

    Huni Badger Electric Nectar Collector

    A durable and easy-to-use electronic nectar collector The Huni Badger is an excellent portable electric nectar collector that allows the user to dab without the use of a nail or a torch. Each Huni Badger comes in a waterproof carrying case that has been designed to contain all the bare essentials you need to dab on the go. Inside the case you will find the Huni Badger unit, a High Temp Hunitip, a Low Temp Hunitip, EGO Adapter, 14mm Adapter, three Hunipots for concentrate storage, three wire pipe cleaners, and a magnetic basket. The Huni Badger uses a ceramic heating tip in order to heat your favorite concentrate through the included drip tip or a Nectar Collector bubbler attachment (sold separately). All of the essential components can be stored within the Huni Badger's main unit for easy portability. The magnetic top cap stores the EGO compatible adapter drip tip and a single Huni Pot, which can be filled with your choice of concentrates. This kit comes with three Huni Pots, which are one gram borosilicate glass jars fitted with a silicone cap.  The device has a single button interface that can be activated with five button presses, and is indicated with a built in LED light within the button. The Huni Badger has a 60 second automatic shut off for user safety and a quick 10 second heat up time. For user preference, this Huni Badger comes with a high and low temperature Huni Tip. Each tip has a 14mm long ceramic segment with two small air flow holes and a threaded upper segment for easy installation. At the base of the device is an LED light in order to easily illuminate the Huni Pot in low light conditions. The magnetic battery access panel secures one 18650 battery (sold separately). The panel has six air holes on each side for battery ventilation and is inlaid with two ridges for grip. The drip tips for the Huni Badger are designed to also serve as joints for different sized glass bubblers. The EGO Adapter fits within the magnetic top cap and is compatible with most EGO and 510 glass bubblers. The 14mm Adapter is compatible with all standard 14mm bubblers but is unable to fit in the magnetic top cap. A slide-to-open adapter cover can be used to protect the threaded connection point, and internal chamber of the Huni Badger, when not in use.  Huni Badger x Nectar Collector The Honeybird Core Bubbler Attachment Huni Badger x 710SciGlass Badger Bullet Bubbler Attachment Product Specifications: Single Button Interface Five Press Activation Built-In LED Indicator 60 Second Automatic Shut-Off Huni Tip Interchangeable Ceramic Heating Component Two Variants Low Temperature High Temperature Pre-Installed 14mm Ceramic Heating Tip 10 Second Heat Up Time Threaded Connection LED Target Illuminator Magnetic Top Cap Built-In Storage Cut Outs Huni Pot Storage Borosilicate Glass Material Silicone Huni Pot Cap 18650 Battery Powered Sold Separately Magnetic Battery Panel 6 Vent Holes Per Side Slide To Open Mouthpiece Cover O-Ring Fitted Muzzle/Drip Tip Two Variants EGO Muzzle for Water Bubblers 14mm Muzzle for Water Bubblers Used As Drip Tips without Bubbler Waterproof Case Product Includes: One Huni Badger Unit One High Temperature Hunitip One Low Temperature Hunitip One Ego/510 Muzzle One 14mm Muzzle Three Huni Pots Magnetic Topcap One Manual One Waterproof Storage Case


  • Lookah Seahorse X Multifunctional Electronic Dab Rig - TND

    Lookah Seahorse X Multifunctional Electronic Dab Rig

    E-nail, Nectar Collector, Dab Pen, E-Rig... The Seahorse X does it all The Lookah Seahorse X is a multifunctional electronic dabbing device, integrating the newest technology that Lookah has to offer. The Seahorse X can be used as an E-nail, nectar collector, dab pen, or cartridge vaporizer battery. Use the Seahorse X as a standalone device, or in conjunction with your favorite dab rig. This device features a single button for operations with LED indicator light, Type-C charging, and a carb button that doubles as airflow adjustment. The Seahorse X features two basic types of dabbing heating elements. The first type is the quartz cup, which is used as a traditional cold start banger. This configuration can be used as a personal wax pen when used with the glass cap, or included water bubbler attachment. It can also be used to turn the Seahorse X into an E-nail by using the included joint connector, and replacing the banger on your favorite dab rig. The second type of heating element is the Seahorse Coil system, which turns the Seahorse X into an electronic nectar collector. This kit includes a first generation quartz Seahorse Coil I, as well as the newest Seahorse Coil III ceramic tube. The nectar collector configuration allows the Seahorse X to be used as a portable dab straw, a hands-free dab straw when used with included stand, or a rig based dab straw when used with the included whip and joint connector. Product Includes: Seahorse X Tip/Coil Cover Seahorse Coil I Quartz Tip Seahorse Coil III Ceramic Tube Tip 2x Quartz Wax Cups Glass Mouthpiece Cover Glass Water Bubbler Flat Stand Curved Floating Stand Joint Connector Thread Adapter Dab Tool Connection Hose 14/18mm Hose Adapter Cleaning Brush USB Type-C Charging Cable User Manual


  • Stache Products ConNectar and SLIM Battery Combo Set - TND

    Stache Products ConNectar and SLIM Battery Combo Set

    A SLIM Nectar ConNectar... I mean Collector Stache Products presents their ConNectar and SLIM battery, together as one for the perfect portable electronic nectar collector. The ConNectar utilizes a Clapton coil tip with a straw body that runs parallel with the battery. The SLIM battery has three power output settings and 400mAh capacity. Together these products make the perfect portable nectar collector!

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  • Nectar Collector x Dip Device Electric Honeybird Simple Kit - TND

    Nectar Collector x Dip Device Electric Honeybird Simple Kit

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    A combination of the best selling Nectar Collector Honeybird Simple Kit and the NEW Electric Nectar Collector E-Tip Kit! Nectar Collector has teamed up with Dip Device to create the very first family of Electric Nectar products powered by the Electric Nectar Collector E-Tip Kit. Three temperature settings and various tip options ensure you get the type of dab you enjoy. Get the best of both worlds and use either a torch, or the powerful new electric base and tips. Dabs your way, anywhere, anytime. Check out the specs of the included Nectar Collector The Honeybird Simple Kit HERE. Product Includes: 1 x The Honeybird Core 1 x Infinity Tech 16mm Connector 1 x Stinger Tip Connector 1 x Quartz Stinger Tip 1 x Nectar Collector E-Tip 2 x E-Tip Sip Tip 1 x E-Tip Magnetic Cover

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Electric Nectar Collectors are battery operated honey straws, used for dabbing concentrates. These devices don't require a torch and use a heating coil tip which is dipped into the concentrates. Electric Nectar Collectors are ideal for dabs on the go and are very easy to use.


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