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  • Sale -49% Purple Rose Supply G2 CannaMold - Cannagar Mold Press - TND

    Purple Rose Supply G2 CannaMold - Cannagar Mold Press

    Make Professional Grade Cannagars with the G2 Cannagar Mold Kit *Special pricing for a limited time only! The G2 CannaMold from Purple Rose Supply is the ultimate tool to create your own cannagars! These molds make it easy for anyone to create a the perfect cannagar in three easy steps; pack it, cure it, wrap it. Available in three sizes. Durable and easy to use cannagar mold kit The Purple Rose Supply G2 is the perfect cannagar mold kit. The sturdy mold body features dual hinges with a positive locking clasp to keep the mold secured while filling. A heavy duty packing rod is used to compress the material into the mold, and has a center hole throughout for the airflow skewer. Included in each kit along with the cannagar mold is a pack of airflow skewers and reusable wood mouthpiece tip. Cannagar size matters! The G2 Cannagar Mold Kit is available in three sizes, so choose accordingly. The Personal Mold creates cannagars with 2-4g in a long slim shape, perfect for an individual to enjoy. The Small Mold will make a 3.5-7g cannagar for smaller group sessions. And for the party-goers, big sesh, or hardcore users; the Large Mold will make a 10-14g cannagar! The latest addition to the G2 lineup is the Mini size which fits 1g. Be sure to read How to Use The Purple Rose Supply G2 Cannagar Mold Press! Product Specifications: Durable ABS construction Metal hinges and latch Packing rod with hollow core Allows room for airflow skewer Built-in funnel for easy filling Mold capacity per size: Mini: 1g Personal: 2-4g Small: 3.5-7g Large: 10-14g Includes wood tip Includes bamboo skewers

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  • Sunakin Sunpipe H2OG and Swap Replacement Glass Bubbler - TND

    Sunakin Sunpipe H2OG and Swap Replacement Glass Bubbler

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    Replacement Glass Bubbler For The Sunakin Sunpipe H2OG and Swap, 3 Colors Available Sunakin Replacement Glass for the Sunpipe H2OG and Swap portable pipes. Replace your cracked of broken glass bubbler, or change to a different color for customization. Sunakin offers a clear, smoked, and rainbow replacement glass to use with your Sunpipe H2OG or Swap pipe.

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  • Purple Rose Supply Rolling Glue - 2ml and 4ml Options - TND

    Purple Rose Supply Rolling Glue - 2ml and 4ml Options

    Purple Rose Supply Rolling Glue - 2ml and 4ml Rolling glue made from organic plant cellulose in a convenient 2ml or 4ml twist activated dispensing tube with brush tip. No more licking your wraps to get them to stick. Simply apply an even layer of this no-taste, clear drying, natural glue to your wrap. Perfect for wrapping your cannagars or for getting creative with your wraps. 

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  • Toke N Dab J-Roller Rolling Machine - TND

    Toke N Dab J-Roller Rolling Machine

    Classy Rollers Sporting The Toke N Dab Brand! The Toke N Dab J-Roller is a quick and easy way to roll one up. Simply sprinkle in ground up goods, close the rolling machine, roll downwards one full rotation, place rolling paper through the slotted top, roll downwards for another rotation (don't forget to moisten the gum strip), and BAM! You're ready to go. We recommend using a filter tip at one end. Available in Standard Size and King Size. *The King Size roller rolls a cone shape and filter tip should be placed on the right side of the machine with 'Toke N Dab' text visible from the front. Product Specifications: Standard Size Up to 80mm King Size Up to 109mm

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  • Stache Products DigiTül - Digital Scale Dab Tool - TND

    Stache Products DigiTül - Digital Scale Dab Tool

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    The first ever digital scale dab tool by Stache Products! Stache Products presents the DigiTül, a digital scale dab tool to accurately weigh each dab. This revolutionary product was designed to accurately weigh each dab for consumption. Gone are the days of eyeballing or guessing. With the DigiTül you can get the exact weight every time for the perfect dose! The DigiTül is perfect for a medical patient wanting to accurately dose or micro dose, the budget friendly consumer wanting to ration out product, the curious consumer who just wants to know their intake, or the recreational consumer wanting to flex how much they're consuming. The Stache Products DigiTül features a magnetic connection tool head, accurately weighs between .05g to 200g, and uses two AAA batteries (sold separately). 

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  • Toke N Dab Grind N Fill Cone Filler and Grinder - TND

    Toke N Dab Grind N Fill Cone Filler and Grinder

    Cone storage, grinder, and filler in a single stack tube The Toke N Dab Grind N Fill is a plastic cone filler with built in grinder and storage. The Grind N Fill is a simple yet effective way to fill your pre-rolled cones on the go. This 4 piece system combines a grinder, a funnel, a cone filler, and cone storage into a single stack portable unit. Simply grind your legal herb on top, tap to feed the grounds down the funnel, tamper, repeat until filled. It's that simple. How to use the Toke N Dab Grind N Fill Cone Filler The Grind N Fill features alignment tabs on the funnel section so that it only aligns with the filling tube. Place a single cone in the filling tube before grinding. Grind up some legal herb and tap or tamper the Grind N Fill to help feed the grounds down the funnel. It is recommended to use the packing stick included with most pre-rolled cones to achieve maximum capacity. Repeat the grinding, tampering, and packing until the cone is filled. Remove the filled cone from the top by pushing up from the bottom. This will help prevent the cone from being squished by the retention tabs. *The Grind N Fill can fit most pre-rolled cones. It is recommended to use with King Size cones, but will work with 1 1/4 cones as well. Cones pictured are not included and for reference only, but may be purchased along with the Grind N Fill for an additional $1! Limit one pack per Toke N Dab Grind N Fill.


  • Sale -14% Toker Poker Hemp Plastic + Bottle Opener Lighter Sleeve - TND

    Toker Poker Hemp Plastic + Bottle Opener Lighter Sleeve

    Hemp Plastic BiC Lighter Sleeve with Built-In Poker, Packer, and Bottle Opener Toker Poker presents their Hemp Plastic + Bottle Opener Lighter Sleeve for the BiC Lighter Maxi Classic (sold separately). Sustainability meets functionality with this handy toking tool. The Hemp Plastic model is made from a hemp base composite material, and has the added feature of a flip out bottle opener. The functional design of the Toker Poker includes a stainless steel tamper, a flip out stainless steel poker, and can even hold hemp wick (sold separately) securely around the base. These lighter sleeves are made to securely house a standard BiC Lighter. Product Features: Hemp Plastic Material Stainless Steel Tamper Stainless Steel Poker Stainless Steel Bottle Opener


  • Sunakin Sunpipe H2OG Shock Resistant Travel Case - TND

    Sunakin Sunpipe H2OG Shock Resistant Travel Case

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    Smell Proof and Shock Resistant Silicone Travel Case For The Sunpipe H2OG The Sunakin Sunpipe H2OG Travel Case is made from thick silicone and encases the Sunpipe H2OG (sold separately). The case is completely smell proof, allowing the user to discretely transport the H2OG with the bowl packed. The thick silicone material is shock resistant to protect the glass bubbler while on the go.

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  • Sale -34% WeighMax LUMINX 100g Precision Digital Scale - TOKE N DAB

    WeighMax LUMINX 100g Precision Digital Scale

    Stay Lit with a LUMINX LED Precision Scale WeighMax introduces the LUMINX, a precision digital scale with light up border. These scales can weigh up to 100g with a 0.01g accuracy. This scale features a large platform with a luminous LED border. The scale cover doubles as a large clear tray when the scale is zeroed with the tray on the platform. Accurately weigh your stash or your dose with the WeighMax LUMINX Digital Scale! Why we like the WeighMax LUMINX... WeighMax is a trusted name when it comes to scales. Thus, we trust the accuracy and capabilities of the WeighMax LUMINX. This precision digital scale is great for weighing out your dose, J's, cannagars, or what you just picked up. Product Specifications: Accuracy: 0.01g Capacity: 0.01g to 100g Tare Function Luminous LED Glass Platform Large Transparent Tray Easy-to-Read Backlit Display Weighmeter Weigh Modes: g, oz, dwt, ct


  • RAW Pre-Rolled Tips - 21 Pack - TND

    RAW Pre-Rolled Tips - 21 Pack

    RAW Pre-Rolled Tips - 21 Pack RAW Pre-Rolled Tips are made from natural and unrefined grain cut paper. Each tip is carefully cut and pre-rolled following the natural fibrous grains of the paper to ensure a perfectly round smooth tip. These tips are constructed to allow the perfect airflow, while keeping the material and heat away from the user's mouth.


  • Sunakin SunGrinder 2.5" Magnetic 3.5 Piece Grinder - TOKE N DAB

    Sunakin SunGrinder 2.5" Magnetic 3.5 Piece Grinder

    Ultra smooth 3.5 piece grinder with threadless body The Sunakin SunGrinder is a unique 3.5 piece aluminum grinder with a threadless body design. The SunGrinder body is constructed from strong and durable 6061-T6 aluminum with ultra strong cutting teeth made from 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum. A durable nylon PA66 spin ring is integrated into the top cap of the SunGrinder for an ultra smooth grind. Each of the 3 main body components utilize strong neodymium magnets for a threadless connection. The bottom portion of the grinder features a hexagon center post that prevents it from spinning during operation. Inside the bottom portion of the SunGrinder is a threaded pollen screen will shallow catch. Each SunGrinder is finished off with hard anodizing and features the Sunakin Palm Tree logo. Why we love the Sunakin SunGrinder! The SunGrinder is built with simplicity and durability in mind. This grinder grinds with ease and is always silky smooth thanks to the PA66 spin ring and the sharp two-way grinding teeth. Another unique feature of the SunGrinder is a center post cutter that keeps the center post clean and prevents material from clogging the center. The threadless body design makes this grinder super easy to use, and the removable inside pollen screen can be taken out to increase the grinder's capacity.  Product Features: Ultra-Strong cutting teeth made of 7075-T6 'Aircraft' Aluminum for an effortless cut Smooth and Durable Nylon PA66 spin ring protects against wear, squeaking and provides an easier grind Strong and lightweight body made of 6061-T6 Aluminum Surface anodized guaranteeing a durable, corrosion-resistant and attractive finish Duo-Direction radial cutting pattern for consistent, smooth cuts Center cutter keeps the center post clean Perfect grind for all of your needs

  • Phuncky Feel Tips 10mm Clear - 3 Pack - TND

    Phuncky Feel Tips 10mm Clear - 3 Pack

    The best reusable glass rolling tips for that Phuncky Feel Phuncky Feel Tips introduce a 3-Pack of their 10mm Clear Glass Tips in collectable Phuncky tin. These tips are 10mm in diameter with a double pinch filter, and come in either Round Tip, Flat Tip, or Lipless Round Tip. Phuncky Feel Tips are washable and reusable.

Our selection of toking accessories may not be necessary for you to enjoy your legal herb, but they sure do help. These products and tools exist to enhance your experience and make life easier. From digital scales to rolling machines, find all the odd knick knacks that you may need to help you get the most out of your legal herb.


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