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  • Modest & Co. Odor Eliminating 9oz Candle

    Modest & Co. Odor Eliminating 9oz Candle

    Eliminate odors with Modest & Co. Coconut Apricot Wax Candles!  Modest & Co. presents their Odor Eliminating 9oz Candles made from Coconut Apricot Wax and Odor Fighting Enzymes! These candles were designed to burn clean, smell great, and remove unwanted odors from the air. Available in either deliciously sweet cereal inspired scents, or fresh and soothing floral scents; and now available in two new cryptid masculine scents! Available in six scents: Big Foot: Woodlands and Musky Amber: Take on the smell of the beast with our ultimate weapon against unwanted odors - the Modest&Co. Bigfoot Candle! With a musky scent as elusive and mysterious as the creature that inspired it, it'll get your funky space smelling better in no time! Don’t let the cryptid-quip fool you! Crafted with natural, coconut apricot wax and natural and odor fighting ingredients this candle packs a powerful punch - all while eliminating odors while it burns! Coming hand poured, we combine Egyptian amber, musk, and juniper, to create a deep and sultry fragrance that fights to keep your space smelling great - no matter what kind of stinky situations you find yourself in! So whether you're a true believer in Bigfoot or just a lover of all things weird and wonderful, the Big Foot Candle is a quality addition to your home. Say goodbye to obscene odors and hello to the mystical enchantment of the great outdoors! Chupacabra: Tangelo, Chile Salt, & Dragon's Blood: Are foul odors preying on your home? Fear not, dear candle enthusiast, for we here at Modest&Co have concocted a mystic solution to banish icky odors from your space! Using coconut apricot wax and special odor fighting ingredients, our Chupacabra Odor-Eliminating Candle unleashes its power - attacking pesky odors while burning - like the famous cryptid quenching its thirst! We’ve crafted a harmonious marriage of chile salt and dragon’s blood - evoking the fiery passion of Chupacabra's hunt along with tantalizing notes of deep deep citrus tangelo - paying homage to the groves where the Chupacabra roams. So, whether you're looking to banish kitchen mishaps, mask the aftermath of a workout session, or simply freshen your place with a captivating aroma, let the Chupacabra Odor-Fighting Candle be your trusty, cryptid companion! Fluffy Toast: Cinnamon Crunch Cereal: We all know the feeling of coming home to a stuffy or stinky house. Whether it's from cooking, pets, or just life in general, odors can quickly make your home feel unclean and unwelcome. Luckily, we offer the best way to combat those stenches - with our Fluffy Toast Odor Eliminating Candles! Made with coconut apricot wax and odor-eliminating enzymes, this cereal fragrance uses your favorite cinnamon crunch flavor and transforms it into a nostalgic candle that attacks any unwanted odors in your home! Fluffy Loops: Fruity Loops Cereal: We all remember a simpler time, when your favorite breakfast cereal was all you needed to make your morning. But what happens when that same beloved flavor now lingers as a scent long after the bowl is empty? Our Fluffy Loops candle is made for medium sized rooms with a special, odor-eliminating enzyme and a luxurious, coconut apricot wax blend. It is then scented to fruity cereal greatness - making it the perfect way to enjoy amazing scent experiences all while attacking unwanted stenches! Whether you're trying to neutralize icky smells or just want to chill to a simpler time, this sweet candle is the one for you! Indica Girl: Lavender, Rain, and Lilies: Our Indica Girl odor eliminating candle is the ultimate chill-out accessory! Inspired by lighting one up on the porch while watching the storm, this coconut apricot wax candle uses calming scents or rainwater, lavender, and lilies. The best part? unlike other candles that simply mask bad smells, ours uses powerful odor-fighting enzymes to neutralize those stenches! It's like enjoying a rainy day, but ya know, without the wet socks. Sativa Diva: Citrus Notes Coconut & Hibiscus Palm: Calling all island lovers and stoners! Say "aloha" to the Sativa Diva candle - a pick-me-up in a jar! Inspired by Maui Wowie and using coconut apricot wax, this candle is bursting with notes of exotic fruits, citrus, and hibiscus palm. But that's not all - we use powerful enzymes that are activated when burned! They target and neutralize unpleasant odors - leaving medium size rooms smelling fresh! This candle is like a mini tropical vacation in a jar, and really, who doesn't need that these days? Light it up and let the good vibes flow! Product Specifications: 9oz Coconut Apricot Wax Candle Made with Odor-Fighting Enzymes 4 Great Scents


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