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  • Sale -10% Sunakin H2OG Swap Portable Silicone Water Pipe - TND

    Sunakin H2OG Swap Portable Silicone Water Pipe

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    Portable Handheld Silicone Water Pipe with Glass Bowl and Water Chamber The H2OG Swap from Sunakin is a portable handheld water pipe with swappable pieces. The Swap is designed off the Sunpipe H2OG and features silicone pieces along wit the glass water chamber and a glass bowl insert. Designed for portability; the Swap is light weight, durable, has a secure bowl lid, and an anti-spill water chamber design. Fill it, Pack it, Take it, Smoke it The H2OG Swap features a simple design that is easy to use and easy to clean. The spoon part of the pipe is made of high grade, BPA free, silicone and connects to the water chamber with a mini diffuser. A glass bowl insert seats securely in the spoon and can hold a healthy amount of legal herb. Pack your bowl ahead of time, secure the built-in lid, and take your packed pipe with you wherever you go. The glass water chamber features an anti-spill design, allowing you to take your Swap both packed and with water in the chamber.  An easy to clean design makes the Swap great for everyday use The Swap fully dissembles into five pieces for an easy clean up. The bowl and water chamber can be popped off and cleaning like any other piece, using glass bong cleaner or isopropyl alcohol. The three silicone pieces can be cleaned with a mixture of 1 cup hot water, 3 drops of dishwashing detergent, and 2 teaspoons of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.  Customize or replace your glass with Sunakin H2OG Replacement Glass.

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  • Sunakin SunGrinder 2.5" Magnetic 3.5 Piece Grinder - TOKE N DAB

    Sunakin SunGrinder 2.5" Magnetic 3.5 Piece Grinder

    Ultra smooth 3.5 piece grinder with threadless body The Sunakin SunGrinder is a unique 3.5 piece aluminum grinder with a threadless body design. The SunGrinder body is constructed from strong and durable 6061-T6 aluminum with ultra strong cutting teeth made from 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum. A durable nylon PA66 spin ring is integrated into the top cap of the SunGrinder for an ultra smooth grind. Each of the 3 main body components utilize strong neodymium magnets for a threadless connection. The bottom portion of the grinder features a hexagon center post that prevents it from spinning during operation. Inside the bottom portion of the SunGrinder is a threaded pollen screen will shallow catch. Each SunGrinder is finished off with hard anodizing and features the Sunakin Palm Tree logo. Why we love the Sunakin SunGrinder! The SunGrinder is built with simplicity and durability in mind. This grinder grinds with ease and is always silky smooth thanks to the PA66 spin ring and the sharp two-way grinding teeth. Another unique feature of the SunGrinder is a center post cutter that keeps the center post clean and prevents material from clogging the center. The threadless body design makes this grinder super easy to use, and the removable inside pollen screen can be taken out to increase the grinder's capacity.  Product Features: Ultra-Strong cutting teeth made of 7075-T6 'Aircraft' Aluminum for an effortless cut Smooth and Durable Nylon PA66 spin ring protects against wear, squeaking and provides an easier grind Strong and lightweight body made of 6061-T6 Aluminum Surface anodized guaranteeing a durable, corrosion-resistant and attractive finish Duo-Direction radial cutting pattern for consistent, smooth cuts Center cutter keeps the center post clean Perfect grind for all of your needs

  • Sunakin Sunpipe H2OG and Swap Replacement Glass Bubbler - TND

    Sunakin Sunpipe H2OG and Swap Replacement Glass Bubbler

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    Replacement Glass Bubbler For The Sunakin Sunpipe H2OG and Swap, 3 Colors Available Sunakin Replacement Glass for the Sunpipe H2OG and Swap portable pipes. Replace your cracked of broken glass bubbler, or change to a different color for customization. Sunakin offers a clear, smoked, and rainbow replacement glass to use with your Sunpipe H2OG or Swap pipe.

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  • Sale -7% Sunakin Sunpipe H2OG Portable Water Pipe - TND

    Sunakin Sunpipe H2OG Portable Water Pipe

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    Convenient handheld bubbler pipe with expandable bowl capacity The Sunpipe H2OG from Sunakin is a portable vertical water pipe for use with legal dry herb. The H2OG doesn't look like your traditional bubbler, and is in fact an advanced version designed to be taken with you wherever you go. This nifty hand pipe is made from stainless steel and features a spill proof glass water chamber for filtering and cooling. Half gram or one gram bowl capacity with light-through cap The stainless steel body features a spring-loaded bowl at the end that can hold .5g to 1g of ground up flower for easy dosing. A click of the button will pop open the loading door to expose the bowl, which can be set for .5g or 1g by the user by adding or removing the bowl reducer screen. Snap the light-through screen door closed, release the spring to bring the packed bowl to the screen, remove the magnetic lid, light and enjoy! Protect your Sunpipe H2OG with the Smell Proof Shock Resistant Travel Case. Customize or replace your glass with Sunakin H2OG Replacement Glass. Product Includes: Sunpipe H2OG Water Pipe Protective Silicone Band Multitool For Screen Removal Fill Funnel Shovel Tool With Packer and Cleaning Tool Cleaning Brush Replacement O-rings

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  • Sunakin Sunpipe H2OG Shock Resistant Travel Case - TND

    Sunakin Sunpipe H2OG Shock Resistant Travel Case

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    Smell Proof and Shock Resistant Silicone Travel Case For The Sunpipe H2OG The Sunakin Sunpipe H2OG Travel Case is made from thick silicone and encases the Sunpipe H2OG (sold separately). The case is completely smell proof, allowing the user to discretely transport the H2OG with the bowl packed. The thick silicone material is shock resistant to protect the glass bubbler while on the go.

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