How to clean a bong

6 Simple Tips: How to Clean a Bong the Right Way

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What do you know about how to clean a bong? Get some tips in this quick breakdown to learn some easy techniques.

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As marijuana becomes more normalized and accepted, so increase the available methods of consuming it. Bongs are a smooth, fast-acting way of hitting your favorite strain without the mess and hassle of rolling papers. However, some maintenance is required to keep your bong in good condition.

Learning how to clean a bong right will ensure your water pipe stays optimally functional, even under heavy use. That's why we've put together this simple guide on how to keep your bong toking smooth.

Read on for the ultimate 6 tips about how to clean out a bong.

The Benefits of a Clean Bong

Would you from a dirty plate? Of course not! That's why it's so surprising that some bong owners don't have a problem smoking from a dirty water bong.

Have you ever hit a bong only to find that it was so rough that you couldn't help but cough? A harsh hit is a waste of quality weed, but by cleaning your bong, you ensure a smooth and palatable rip every time. As an absolute minimum, make sure to replace the water after each smoking session.

A fresh bong allows the percolator to perform at its best and makes for a light, satisfying smoke. A clean bong always gives you the best hit. The THC-laced smoke travels straight from the water pipe and into your lungs. You won't get the full benefits of the cannabis with a resin buildup inside the bong.

When to Clean Your Bong

Your bong cleaning routine depends on several factors. The level of usage, type of bong, and the bubbler size all play a role in how often you should maintain it. If you have a large capacity gravity bong, dab rig, or terp slurper, you may need to clean more often. 

As a general rule, you should clean your bong at least once a month to keep it in good condition. Neglecting regular cleaning makes it harder to get your bong back to working order further down the line, not to mention souring otherwise good product.

If you're finding it harder to get a clean toke from your bong, or noticing a large resin buildup in the neck, perc, or downpipe, it's likely time to give your bong a good clean. 10 minutes of cleaning can improve the functionality of your bong tenfold. So, Let's take a look at how to clean a water bong right.

1. Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is essential if you want to get the best possible experience from your water bong. Make a habit of emptying and rinsing the bong after every use. this will prevent staining and make for less frequent deep cleans.

You should clean your bong out using a suitable cleaning solution at least once a month, but ultimately your cleaning schedule should be dictated by your bong's usage level. A dab rig with a nectar collector is designed to smoke concentrated resins and shatters - therefore, it will require more cleaning than a seldom-used acrylic bong.

Don't neglect your bong's condition. A dirty bong leads to a dirty smoke and a waste of good weed or extract. Respect your water pipe or electric dab rig and commit to a regular cleaning schedule.

2. Break the Bong Down

To deep-clean your bong, you'll need to deconstruct it into its composite parts. Separating each component of the bong will ensure no residue is left over to sour your next toke.

Clean each piece in a suitable cleaning solution, making sure to work methodically and eliminate the possibility of friction between the parts. Moreover, breaking the bong down systematically will mean you get the job done faster - allowing you to get back to smoking your favorite strain.

3. Get the Right Tools

The right cleaning tools will allow you to clean your water bong quickly and efficiently without having to sacrifice your toothbrush or kitchen sponge. By investing in a quality cleaning kit, you'll be equipped to keep your bong in optimal condition.

Check out our cleaning products to streamline your sterilization process today.

4. Use Isopropyl Alchohol

Isopropyl alcohol is the holy grail of bong cleaning chemicals - 99% isopropyl alcohol cleans everything - no questions asked.

Not only will your bong appear pathetically pleasing, but it will also be 100 percent sterilized against bacteria and viruses. Remember - it's not just tar and resin you're sterilizing when you learn how to clean out a bong; it's also your smoke buddies' potential colds and flu.

5. Try Epsom Salts

If you cant get your hands on isopropyl alcohol, there are a few home remedies you could try out. Just look under your sink, and you'll probably find a suitable chemical for your bong cleaning exploits.

Epson salts are one of the most commonly found and effective home remedies for a dirty bong. Mix with warm water, and watch the oxidizing effects lift resin and grime effortlessly. A ten-minute soak can turn dirty glassware good as new.

6. Avoid Harmful Chemicals

Would you bleach your herb grinder before throwing a fat bud of your favorite cannabis in? We didn't think so. The same principle applies to cleaning out your bong.

Avoid harsh chemical products like bleach, peroxide, household cleaners, and toilet descalers. Whatever you use to clean your bong is sure to end up in your lungs tomorrow. With this in mind, avoid harmful chemicals when cleaning your bong.

How to Clean a Bong Made Simple

So, that's the 101 on how to clean a bong or any other rig or water pipe you may have. A clean bong means a clean, satisfying smoke for sessions to come.

Be sure to check out our full range of bongs today for a quality water pipe to add to your collection.



  • I used to use isopropyl until a friend told me about eucalyptus oil, isopropyl is good, but eucalyptus is like some kind of magic bong cleaning potion. Pure Eucalyptus oil and hot water are the real holy grail of bong cleaning, put some hot water to about half way up the chamber, add around 50-100ml of pure eucalyptus oil (it hast to pure, if it’s the 90% stuff it doesn’t work well at all which doesn’t make sense as you’re diluting the pure oil in water anyhow, but trust me), swish it around for 30 seconds, no need to scrub or brush, no salt needed, and your bong will look like the day you got it. You will need to rinse it with hot water several times so the eucalyptus smell evaporates before you use it. But it will be sparkling.



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