Our Mission

Toke N Dab was created to bring a variety of traditional equipment and innovative technology to tokers and dabbers everywhere.

We have curated the best selection of name brand products to serve the 420 and 710 communities, and users of all walks of life.

We aim to cater to the OG’s, new users, medicinal user, recreational users, casual tokers, hardcore stoners, working proffesionals, and everyone in between.


The Toke N Dab journey began in 2021 when we realized there were a lot of cool products out there that we have been using for years, but others have never heard of. So many of our friends toke and dab the only way they knew how, and were unaware that there were better ways. We sought out to educate them, and everyone else, of the endless possible ways to enjoy cannabis.



The TND team is made up of a diverse, multicultural, group of individuals who are dedicated to their role within the company. Each member of our team has years of experience in their field; allowing us to provide excellent customer service, fast shipping, and an overall excellent shopping experience.


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