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Dab Gear You Need to Know: Nectar Collectors

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What is a nectar collector or dab straw? How do you use a nectar collector? This article will help you understand nectar collectors, the popular device choice for dabs.

Stop right there— are you about to take a hit from that plain old dab rig?

With how long dab rigs have been in the game, they can be pretty boring at times. Sure they pack a flavorful punch, but they require so much extra equipment and time dedication. Want an easy solution to all that?

You should look into buying a nectar collector— another type of dab gear gaining immense traction in the cannabis community!

Not sure what a nectar collector is or how to use it? Keep reading for more info!

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What Is a Nectar Collector?

Nectar collectors are strawlike contraptions usually made from glass or silicone that are used to vaporize cannabis concentrates. The straw itself is rather simple in design, usually made with not many variations or different styles. 

Where things get a little complex is when we start talking about the structure on the tip of the collector as well as how it works. Similar to hitting a regular dab, the collector must have heat applied to it in order for the cannabinoids to activate and give you a rewarding high.

This all happens on the tip of the nectar collector. Most of the old-fashioned nectar collectors (or even some smaller ones) need to be lit with a torch or lighter. More modern versions of nectar collectors have started coming with their own ways of heating the wax, such as using electricity similar to how vape pens function.

The tips are generally made using non-toxic metals such as titanium or quartz. Always be sure to double-check what material is used in your nectar collector as some metals and chemicals can be potentially damaging to your health if inhaled or ingested.

How to Use One

One of the best things about nectar collectors is how incredibly easy they are to use. In essence, it's very similar to a dab rig but with one big difference.

Traditional dabbing requires loading wax or oil onto a nail, heating it to a very specific temperature, letting it cool, and then taking a hit. The nectar collector is much simpler. All you have to do is heat up the nectar collector and bring it to the concentrate. 

Experts recommend leaving the concentrate' holder on a table that can withstand high amounts of heat. As for where to actually place the concentrate itself, we believe silicone is the best bet. Silicone is not only safe to place your wax on, but is also non-toxic and highly resistant to heat.

So what do you do once you're ready to take a hit? Simply light up the tip of the nectar collector and bring it to the concentrate as if sucking something up with a straw. The tip will melt the concentrate which allows you to easily inhale it.

Note: The tip will remain hot even after taking your hit. Place it somewhere safe and (obviously) don't touch it. Depending on how high-tech your collector is, the device might even come with a water filtration system to help cool it down!

Are They Strong?

Taking hits from a dab is strong in general compared to traditional smoking. Just as with traditional dabbing, it's good to start off with small amounts before you even consider hitting a big rip.

With that being said, nectar collectors aren't as potent or as flavorful as hitting a dab rig. But it's a great substitute! In fact, many dab enthusiasts are slowly transitioning to using nectar collectors for their simplicity and ease of use.

Alongside that, nectar collectors hold many other benefits:

  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Rather cheap— they don't require much material
  • Discreet

Nectar Collectors can even be great for beginner smokers who are a little daunted by the complexity and potency of hitting a dab rig.

What to Look for in a Nectar Collector

So let's say you're convinced that buying a nectar collector is the way to go. Great! But what exactly do you want to look for in a nectar collector?

The first thing you should take into consideration is safety and quality. As mentioned above, some elements used in devices can pose a health hazard if inhaled or ingested in any amount. Most collectors are made from glass and silicone, two materials that are generally very safe, so you should be fine in that regard.

As for the tip, always try to aim for titanium or quartz. They're the most common and safest ones but extra precaution never hurt anyone. Also, quartz heavily enhances the flavor from the terpenes in your concentrate— which makes your smoking sesh all the more enjoyable!

Look around the internet for reviews on the best dab gear near me. You'll likely find recommendations on which device is the best. Nectar collectors mostly come in similar shapes and sizes so finding a good one shouldn't be too difficult.

Another thing to consider is whether you want a nectar collector that comes with its own heating system. These are usually electronic ones that function similar to vapes, which removes the need for another item.

You'll also want to find one that fits your budget without compromising quality or safety. 

Typical Price Ranges 

Nectar collectors can range in price depending on where you get them. You can find them as cheap as $50-60 whereas the most luxurious ones are set at around $400-600. As a beginner it's probably best you stick with the cheaper ones just in case you don't like them.

The standard price for an average is around $140. Here at TokenDab, we have the best deals ready for you no matter what you're looking for. We weigh our prices on a scale of quality and effectiveness.

When you buy from us, you'll rest easy knowing you're getting the best bang for your buck.

Where to Get the Best Nectar Collectors and Other Dab Gear

We here at TokenDab carry more than just nectar collectors. We have a vast supply of the best dab gear you'll ever dream of. 

So whether you're looking to get started on your nectar collector journey or want to buy a new 3d dab rig, we got it all. Feel free to visit our shop section to browse more.

Nectar Collectors— Are You Joining in on the Craze?

Nectar collectors are gaining mass popularity in the cannabis community thanks to their efficiency, ease of use, quality, and price. More and more people are experimenting with these unique devices and leaving absolutely stellar reviews of how they work.

Interested in learning more about nectar collectors or other dab gear? Head on over to our contact section, and one of our trusted team members will answer all your cannabis and dab-related questions.


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