The Huni Badger Vs. Lookah Seahorse X

Head to Head: The Huni Badger Vs. Lookah Seahorse X

, by Chad Hirano, 7 min reading time

Battle of the electronic nectar collectors. Which is better, the Huni Badger or the Seahorse X? In this article we review both devices to see which one is king of the dabs.

When it comes to nectar collectors, an electronic option is often more desirable since they provide ease of use and maximum portability. Electronic nectar collectors don't require a torch, have consistent heat output, and are very portable. But which one should you get? In this article we will compare the Huni Badger Electronic Nectar Collector and the Lookah Seahorse X Multifunctional Electronic Dab Rig. For the purpose of this review, the Seahorse X will only be used in the nectar collector configuration. Let's take a look at a comprehensive comparison of the two devices.

The Mighty Huni Badger Vertical Vaporizer

The Huni Badger is probably the most well known electronic dab straw on the market, thanks to their excellent marketing. But the Badger lives up to the marketing hype with its ability to perform and an array of compatible accessories.

Huni Badger Full Kit

[Huni Badger Full Kit with Honeybird Core, HBNC Foam Insert, Home Tech 18650, and Efest Charger.]

What's Good About the Huni Badger

  • Durable metal body construction and magnetic cap
  • Uses a single 18650 battery
    • Battery can be swapped out on the fly
  • Single button operation for on/off, heat, and pre-heat
  • Ceramic tube tip with embedded heating element
    • High temp and low temp tip options
  • Consistent power output
    • Hits like a freight train with the high temp tip
  • Has an LED light near the tip so it can be used in the dark
  • Is compatible with a number of cool water bubbler attachments
    • 14mm male adapter included
  • Extremely portable and can house everything in the cap
  • Comes in a convenient hard shell carry case with foam insert
  • Easy to clean and maintain

The Not So Good Points Of The Huni Badger

  • Price (but let's be real, you get what you pay for)
  • Doesn't include a battery or charger
    • Can't be charged through the device
  • Doesn't include a water filtration bubbler attachment

Overall Review of the Huni Badger

The Huni Badger is a great device and is sold as a stand alone unit so that you can build it to your liking. It would be nice if it came with a battery and charger, but you can purchase the bundle with us to include those items. I have been running my Huni Badger for years and it hasn't ever given me any problems. 

Huni Badger Water Bubbler Attachments

      [Huni Badger with aftermarket bubbler attachment options, sold separately]

      The Versatile All-In-One Seahorse X

      The Lookah Seahorse X can be used in a number of different configurations for concentrates. It can be a top loaded dab pen, a nectar collector, or an e-nail. For comparison reasons we are only looking at it in the nectar collector form, but it's good to keep in mind that it can do so much more.

      Lookah Seahorse X

      [The Lookah Seahorse X in nectar collector mode with stand.]

      What's Good About the Seahorse X 

      • Price (especially when considering everything it comes with)
      • Built-in 950mAh battery
        • Type-C charging port
      • Single button operation with LED indicator light
        • On/off, power setting, heat, pre-heat
        • 3 voltage output settings
      • Multiple tip options
        • Includes a ceramic tube tip with embedded heating element
        • Includes a compressed quartz tip with embedded coil
      • Comes with a no-spill water bubbler attachment
        • Compatible with many aftermarket bubbler attachments
        • 14mm male adapter included
      • Built-in carb control (airflow control)
      • Comes with a stand for hands-free use

      The Not So Good Point of the Seahorse X

      • Plastic body construction
      • Doesn't have a carry case
      • Limited battery life before it needs a charge
      • Once the internal battery fails, the device is rendered useless

      Overall Review of the Seahorse X

      The Lookah Seahorse X comes with everything you need (except for the concentrates) for a very reasonable price, and still allows you to use aftermarket bubblers. The only major downside is that it is not designed to last forever since it has a built-in battery. However, it will still last a long time if you aren't using it all day, everyday. 

      Seahorse X with Aftermarket Water Bubbler Attachments

        [Seahorse X with aftermarket bubbler attachment options, sold separately]

        So Which Electronic Nectar Collector is Better?

        The answer is a very clear...both. It really just depends what you are looking for. Both electronic nectar collectors perform very well and are great options compared to traditional nectar collectors that require a torch and may have varying temperatures. Both the Huni Badger and Seahorse X can use a variety of bubbler attachments to suite your liking, or be used without a bubbler.

        It really comes down to how you intend to use your electronic nectar collector, where you plan on using it most, and how often you plan to use it. If price is not a factor in your decision making, I would recommend the Huni Badger based on the fact that it is extremely durable and you can change out the battery. If you're on a budget, the Seahorse X is really all you need to enjoy the experience of an electronic nectar collector. 


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