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How to Choose Your Rolling Paper

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With so many options of rolling papers, pre-roll cones, and wraps; how do you know which is right for you? This article will help you decide on which rolling paper type is best for you.

When do you think the first flavored rolling paper was produced? The colorful 80s? The indie 90s?

You'll be surprised, but actually, it was in 1906. In days before women were allowed to vote and WW1 hadn't happened, people were happily rolling up their flavored papers and having a smoke. 

Admittedly, the taste and quality have come a long way since then. Nowadays, many different brands are offering a whole multitude of rolling papers. From sizes to ingredients, it's a goldmine of fun. But the question is, where do you start?

Whether you want to spice up your smoking life or find your perfect rolling paper, you'll discover it all below. So, grab a seat, relax, and let's dive into the different types of rolling paper. 

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Wood Pulp Paper

Wood pulp papers had a fairly good inning as the most popular option. The thickness, ease of use, and variety kept them at the top spot for more than 100 years. Today, you can buy them both bleached (white) and unbleached. The texture of wood pulp papers is fantastic for beginners looking to perfect their roll. However, they contain chemicals, so in a world where we're looking for health-conscious products, it seems like the era of wood pulp papers is coming to an end. 

Rice Paper

Rice papers are believed to be one of the first mass-produced rolling papers. Originating in the 1800s, they are still incredibly popular today. Smokers like them because of their thinness and slow burn. They can be difficult for beginners to use because they tear and have a somewhat slippery texture. You'll need to light rice-rolled smoking products straight away because they don't last well in damp conditions or being left out unprotected. 

Flax Paper

The consistency of flax papers is similar to rice papers. In fact, in recent years, we've seen an increase in flax and rice blended papers on the market. They are slightly thicker than rice papers, so they are a good step-up for novices. The extra thickness will give your more stability with your roll. They also don't leave an aftertaste on your smoke and have an average burn rate. 

Hemp Wrap

These papers come in NON-GMO and chemical-free versions. Within the term hemp wrap, there is a wide range of products. You can purchase everything from 100% organic wraps to terpene enhanced hemp wrap. If you enjoy smoking blunts but are looking for a nicotine-free roll, hemp wraps are a great choice. Many cannabis smokers say it feels good to roll in hemp wraps because they are made from mulched Sativa leaves. Also, hemp wraps are predominantly unbleached papers. They are essentially a creation of the market trend towards healthier smoking.

Palm Wrap

The best palm wraps are on the market are the King Palms. They are the World's first brand to offer these kinds of smoking products. This natural product is 100% additive-free. This means you won't taste any obscure or harsh chemicals. With no nicotine, they are also ideal if you're looking for a healthy smoke. There is a vast collection of King Palms, and ingeniously they created the King Palms pre-wrap in 2016. 

Flavored Paper

We all love to play around with our flavors. With the surge of new flavors, it seems that other people agree with us. Think of a flavor, and we're almost certain that it's available. Root Beer? Yep. Birthday cake? Another yes. 

Added flavors to your favorite rolling paper, pre-roll, or wrap can be natural or artificial. When naturally flavored, manufacturers will use terpene extracts. Artificially flavored papers on the other hand use flavoring as found in vape juice. While the artificial flavors can provide a stronger taste and are safe to smoke, some people prefer to keep it as natural as possible.

    Bleached or Unbleached Rolling Paper?

    Like many things in life, white pasta and white bread to name a few, bleached (white) papers are processed with chemicals. If that fact doesn't bother you, you will appreciate the optimum slow burn of bleached papers. This is also the same for colored papers, such as the pink Playboy rolling papers.

    On the flip side, unbleached papers avoid the chemical process. Thanks to new manufacturing methods, a slow burn can still be achieved.

    What About the Size?

    Although sizes may vary by a few millimeters, there are primarily six different rolling paper sizes. 

    Single Wide (70mm x 36mm)

    This small rolling paper needs nimble fingers to produce a good roll. It's the ideal size for solo smokers. 

    1 1/4 (78mm x 44mm)

    Also known as standard or regular, this size is the most popular. They hold (on average) 25% more smoking material than the single wide. It is a good size for sharing with a few friends. 

    1 1/2 (78mm x 60mm)

    Slightly larger than a cigarette, you can roll it to a substantial diameter and stuff it well. Definitely a four-person smoke. 

    Double Wide (78mm x 88mm)

    It's a whole lot of paper. Perfect for practicing your rolling skills or creating a few extra safety layers on your smoke if you'll be outside fighting with the elements. 

    King Slim (110mm x 44mm)

    Similar to the King Size, it has just a few millimeters shaved off. We're not sure why, but the king slims feel a bit more elegant than the standard king-sized. 

    King Size (110mm x 54mm)

    It's time to get the party started! The king-sized roll is the ultimate share. If you ask in a smoke shop, this size will definitely be in the top sellers. 

    Find Your Ideal Rolling Paper

    Smoking companies are continuously revolutionizing cannabis accessories. So, trying several types of rolling paper is the only way to learn what suits you. You'll get lots of rolling practice and discover how each one can enhance your smoke.

    It's time to lay back, spark up and try your favorites! 


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