How to Clean a Silicone Bong

How To Clean a Silicone Bong

, by Chad Hirano, 2 min reading time

This article covers the safety of using a silicone bong and how to properly clean and maintain a silicone bong.

Are Silicone Bongs Safe?

Silicone is a safe material smoke out of, as long as it is BPA-free. Silicone is a great option for a water pipe or dry pipe because it is heat resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, is unbreakable, and easy to maintain. Be sure to only purchase silicone bongs from reputable brands that offer non-toxic, food grade, and BPA-free silicone.

How Do You Clean a Silicone Bong?

Since silicone is a temperature resistant and flexible material, there are many ways in which you can clean a silicone bong. While you can use isopropyl alcohol to clean silicone, it is best to avoid the use of any bong cleaners which may contain other ingredients that are not good for silicone (unless said cleaner is designated for silicone use). Let's go over some methods that don't involve the use of harsh chemicals.

The simplest way would be to simply disassemble the silicone water pipe and run it through a dishwasher. This takes out any manual labor and is perfectly safe for the silicone. However, you may want to resort to a more discrete method of cleaning if you live with non-tokers or don't have additional dishes to wash at the moment.

For a quick clean, you can simply hand wash a silicone bong with warm water and dish soap. Since silicone is flexible, you can twist and bend the silicone to get into every small crevice. Rinse well to avoid any soapy taste.

A more unconventional way to clean your silicon bong is to freeze it. Silicone itself will not freeze, which will allow you to still be able to twist and bend it. So in theory you can freeze your silicone bong, allowing all the resin and residual moisture to freeze, and twist and bend the frozen remnants free from the silicone.

A Simple DIY Cleaning Solution For Silicone Bongs

The simple and highly effective way to clean your silicone bong or pipe is to use a simple home made cleaning solution. This solution can be done by combing hot water, a few drops of dish soap, and a few teaspoons of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. It is not an exact science and the amount mixed depends on the size or number of pieces you are trying to clean. A good ratio for this mixture is 1 cup hot water, 3 drops of dish soap, and 2 teaspoons of white or apple cider vinegar.

Mix or add the solution in a ziplock bag, add in your piece, and let it soak. Once the solution has cooled down, you can scrub free any remaining resin and rinse. Thoroughly rinse the piece with warm water and you're ready to go!  


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