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How to Clean Your Bong With Bong Cleaner: A Guide

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Are you wondering how you can clean your bong the right way with bong cleaner? 

Bongs, also called water pipes, are one of the oldest smoking instruments in history. In fact, it is believed that they are roughly 2,400 years old. The oldest was found in Russia, as part of a burial mound. 

Because bongs hold a special place in the lives of many smokers, it's important to know how to take care of them. Cleaning your bong regularly can be better for your health.

A clean bong will also help improve the quality of your tokes. 

But how do you give your bong a top-notch quality shine? What kind of bong cleaner do you need? This guide will teach you everything you need to know about taking care of your favorite bongs.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Bong

A dirty bong is obviously an unsightly thing to look at. But aside from looking good, cleaning your bong has plenty of benefits.

Just like a puddle on the street, bong water can play host to a variety of bacteria. Stagnant water can also be a breeding ground for all types of fungi, yeast, and other microorganisms.

Smoking from a dirty bong can also mean you're inhaling all the spit and goop from whoever has shared the bong with you. 

All of these substances are things you definitely don't want to inhale. A dirty piece could run you the risk of respiratory illnesses or infections.

But, your health isn't the only reason to keep that bong clean. 

Clean Tasting Hits

Most smokers like a clean, fresh taste when hitting their bongs. You can only get that taste with a clean bong. 

Cleaning bongs can help get rid of the residue from previous smoke sessions that clog up the pipes. These residues can make for less effective hits.

A Smoother Toke

Harsh hits lead to plenty of coughs and lots of strain on your lungs. And what makes a hit harsh? The gunky residue that's leftover in your dirty bong. 

Cleaning your bong, or even changing your bong water, can help make your hits more smooth. You should clean your bong, or at least change out the water, after every smoke sesh. 

Dirty water and clogged percolators can both prevent you from getting the optimal hits. 

Reaching Higher Highs

If you're looking for a more superior high, the best place to start is with a clean bong. Clean bong smoke chock full of THC then has a more direct, clearer path directly to your lungs.

Sticky resin can trap THC, diminishing the effects of your bud. So if you want to get higher, it's definitely time to give your bong a clean.

When to Clean Your Bong

There are a few ways to tell that it's time to clean your bong. You'll know it's time for cleaning if:

  • You see a build-up of resin
  • Brown, smelly bong water
  • You spot a slimy film inside the bong
  • White or gray moldy fuzz on bong resin
  • White or black specks on the bong's walls

It's especially important to clean your bong if you spot slime or fuzz. In some cases, your bong may not even be salvageable if the build-up is too severe. This is another reason it's important to clean your bong regularly. 

How to Clean Bong With Bong Cleaner

The best way to clean a bong is with bong cleaner. Bong cleaner is specifically formulated to provide your bong with optimal cleaning power. 

If you want to take optimal care of your piece, you'll want to follow these steps:

  1. Use a bong cleaning solution
  2. Add about 2oz of cleaning solution to fresh, clean water
  3. Pour the water and solution mix into your bong
  4. Cover all the openings of your bong
  5. Shake your bong vigorously
  6. After 30 seconds, pour out to solution
  7. Rinse with clean, warm water
  8. Enjoy your freshly clean bong

If you clean your bong regularly, it'll make it easier each time. More frequent cleanings also mean you'll be able to use less bong cleaner. With regular cleanings, you can say goodbye to those heavy-duty, difficult cleanings.

Cleaning a Plastic Bong

Plastic bongs can have slightly different parameters than those made of other materials. In some cases, bong cleaner can be a bit too harsh for them. 

For plastic bongs, it's best to use simple soap and warm water to keep them clean. Because you have to use less abrasive materials, it's important to clean plastic bongs frequently. This will help you avoid that hard-to-remove resin build-up. 

For glass, silicon, and acrylic bongs you may need to reach for different kinds of bong cleaners. Our smoke experts can help you pick out the perfect bong cleaner to maintain the longevity and taste of your favorite pieces. 

How Not to Clean a Bong

Though they are common cleaning methods, it is not recommended to clean your bong using salt or alcohol. These methods are not recommended for any type of bong, whether glass, silicon, or acrylic. 

A big reason to avoid the salt and alcohol cleaning method is the damage it can cause to your piece. Salt can leave deep scratches on the surface of your bong and shorten its longevity.

But why avoid isopropyl alcohol? Well, for starters it can be harmful to both you and the environment. That's because it contains high levels of VOC and certain fumes that should not be inhaled.

Salt and alcohol are both easy to get ahold of. This makes them tempting bong cleaners. But, honestly, there really is no safe way to use them, especially if you care about the integrity of your piece. 

Clean Bongs Create Great Tokes

Investing in a good bong cleaner is a big part of being a bong owner. A nice clean bong will lead to clean, smooth hits and more effective smoke sessions.

Contact us today to find the right bong cleaner for you. We also offer a variety of other smoking instruments such as dab tools and pieces. We have everything you'll need for great hit after great hit. 


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