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How to Use Rolling Papers (The Right Way)

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In order to roll a proper joint, you'll need the right rolling papers used the right way. This guide will put you on the right track.

Did you know that more than 48 million people in the United States alone have used marijuana at least once in their lives? In fact, cannabis is one of the most popular products in the country and its popularity is only growing as more and more states legalize it. But if you've never smoked cannabis before, you may find yourself struggling with one little detail: how to use rolling papers for rolling a joint. 

Fortunately, the process is relatively simple and the main thing you should keep in mind is to be patient. Don't get frustrated if the resulting joint doesn't look perfect; one of the biggest tips for rolling a joint is to enjoy the entire process. The first step is picking a strain of cannabis that you like and grinding it.

Choose Your Weed and Grind It 

Grinding your cannabis is more important than you might think because it all has to do with the quality of the joint. The part of the cannabis plant that you smoke is called the bud or flower. Cannabis flower comes in large chunks or lobes that you can break apart with your fingers.

Cannabis flower is pretty dried out and crumbles, but even so, you might not be able to break up the buds as much as you need. For that reason, grinders exist. Grinders are able to break up cannabis buds into very small and fine pieces that you can't get by breaking apart the buds with your hands. 

In general, the smaller you can grind the buds, the better. This is because you can spread the ground buds into your rolling paper. More than that, you won't have a lumpy joint.

You'll find that a joint that is lumpy will be somewhat unpleasant to smoke. This is because the thicker parts of the joint will produce too much smoke while the thinner parts won't give you enough smoke. If you don't have a grinder on hand, don't worry, because you can use a pair of scissors to break up the cannabis instead, although the result might not be as great. 

Fill the Rolling Paper with Cannabis

If you're wondering how to roll a joint or how to use rolling papers, the first thing you need to know is that you need to have dry hands. Rolling papers are very thin and tend to cling to moisture. For that reason, if your hands are even slightly damp or sweaty, you could find yourself getting frustrated at how much your rolling papers are sticking to your fingers.

So, before you even get near your rolling papers, be sure that your hands are completely dry to save yourself the headache. Once this is done, you have the opportunity to start making your perfect joint. You will want to make sure your rolling paper is on a flat surface and that there is nothing around that could get in your way or make a mess.

From your grinder, retrieve your ground cannabis and put a little bit at a time into the center of the rolling paper, following the paper's length. Don't worry if you spill some of the cannabis on the other parts of the paper since you can adjust its position once you start rolling. A big mistake that beginners tend to make is putting too much weed onto the rolling paper. 

All you need is half a gram or one gram of cannabis for a single joint. This might not look like a lot, but it's really all you need. If you put more inside, you will most likely end up wasting the cannabis since you won't be able to smoke it all.

You could try saving the remaining joint for later, but it will likely attain an unpleasant smoky flavor and odor. Instead, less is more when it comes to the best way to roll a joint.

Rolling and Sealing the Joint

Once you finish pouring the cannabis onto the rolling paper, you will want to start rolling. Many people who have never rolled a joint before may find this part of the process to be the most difficult. You need to work slowly and have a lot of patience, otherwise, you could end up spilling your cannabis or your joint might end up lumpy.

Once you have your desired amount of cannabis on your rolling paper, carefully pick it up and fold it like a taco. This will create a valley for the cannabis to sit. Then, roll the paper and cannabis back and forth until the cannabis begins to clump together into the shape of a spear. 

Once you got this part done, the only thing you have left to do is to seal the joint so the cannabis won't spill out. Some rolling papers come with an adhesive side so all you need to do is press the sides of the rolling paper together so they stick. For regular rolling paper, you will need to lick one end of it and then apply the moist end to the rest of the paper. 

Don't apply too much moisture to the rolling paper since you might end up with a soggy joint. Once you seal the joint, don't forget to pack it. Packing ensures that the cannabis is spread throughout the joint and the joint will burn much better. 

Everything You Need to Know About Using Rolling Papers

While using rolling papers may seem difficult at first, all you need is a bit of patience and everything should turn out fine. By learning how to fill, roll, and seal your joint, you'll slowly gain confidence and soon, using rolling papers will be easy. 

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