The Toke N Dab Dictionary

The Toke N Dab Dictionary

, by Chad Hirano, 19 min reading time

Toke N Dab Dictionary for Stoners is a comprehensive list of common words and phrases used in the cannabis industry, and their meanings. Know the lingo to help you understand what is what in the world of cannabis.

Toke N Dab Dictionary for Stoners


  • 10mm joint / 14mm joint / 19mm joint
The most common sizes for joints on bongs and dab rigs. These joint sizes are tapered to accommodate slight variances in size.
  • 420
Originating from the time, 4:20, when a group of California teens would meet up to toke; 420 has become code for pretty much anything dealing with cannabis. April 20th is also the unofficial stoner holiday.
  • 710
Coming from the word OIL turned upside down, 710 refers to cannabis concentrates.

A . 

An accessory that attaches to a bong, between the joint and bowl, that acts as a first line filter and catches the ash from the bowl. Ash Catchers may be dry, or water filtered with a percolator.

B .

  • Balloon Bag
A bag that attaches to a vaporizer, like the Volcano, which inflates with vapor.
A bucket-shapes attachment for a dab rig that is heated to melt concentrates, turning it into vapor. 
A wide-base water pipe that mimics a lab beaker.
  • Blunt
Tobacco leaf wrapped around ground up flower, which resembles a cigarillo.
  • Bomber
A joint rolled with a large amount of cannabis, usually 1g or more.
Sometimes referred to as a water pipe, a bong is device used for smoking cannabis flower.
  • Borosilicate Glass
A specific type of glass that contains boron trioxide, which makes it more resistant to thermal shock.
The concave area of a pipe, or an attachment piece for a bong, that holds the dry herb for combustion.
A small handheld water pipe that provides cooler hits than a dry pipe.

C .

Short for cannabis cigar, a cannagar is a large amount of cannabis pressed into a cigar shape and wrapped with hemp or cannabis leaves.
  • Carb
A hole on a pipe, usually located near the bowl, that can be covered to regulate airflow and burn rate. A carb can also be found on a bong, but is usually the bowl piece which can be lifted to allow air to bypass the bowl.
A cap for use on a banger that acts as a carb either via a hole in the cap itself, or by sliding it over the banger top to allow air in.
  • Cashed
When a bowl is out of smokeable material and only contains ash and resin.
  • CBD
Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of two main cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. CBD is non-psychoactive and is usually extracted from hemp rather than cannabis.
Sometimes referred to as a one-hitter or taster, a chillum is a small straight tube hand pipe with an inline bowl that holds a smaller amount of dry flower than other hand pipes.
  • Clearing the Bowl
The act of smoking everything in the bowl until it is cashed.
  • Concentrates
Also known as dabs, concentrates are high potency cannabis extracts presented in a wax or oil form.
Cones are empty pre-rolls that are shaped like a cone for easy filling. Simply fill, lightly pack, repeat until full, and enjoy.
  • Cornering the Bowl
A method of lighting a section of the bowl to avoid any waste. There are several techniques for cornering the bowl including: Tilting the bowl (hand pipe), lighting the rim so that the flame climbs over to a section of the bowl, or using a hemp wick for precision lighting.
  • Cotton Mouth
A side effect of cannabis use called xerostomia, that is a result of reduced saliva production.


A small portion of cannabis oil or resin in a highly concentrated form, that can be vaporized or burned and inhaled.
A type of water pipe used specifically for smoking concentrates. Dab rigs typically have a smaller chamber to accommodate the high potency and flavor of the concentrates. 
  • Dabber
A tool used to separate and pick up concentrates for the purpose of dabbing. These dab tools are usually made from glass, stainless steel, or titanium.
  • Dank
A slang term used to describe something as 'excellent', especially referring to the quality and potency of cannabis.
  • Dichro
Short for dichroic, which translates to two colored. Dichroic glass is created by stacking layers of glass and micro layers of quartz crystal and metal oxides, which results in a color shifting structure.
  • Diffused Downstem
A downstem with a fixed form of percolation built-in at the end opposite of the joint.
  • Dose
The amount of cannabis required to achieve the desired effect, or treat specific ailments, when using cannabis for medicinal purposes.
  • Downstem
A long cylindrical piece that connects the bowl to the main chamber of a bong, and stems into the water chamber.
  • Dry Piece
A smoking device that does not use water filtration.
  • Dugout
An all-in-one storage system that has a compartment for a one-hitter (in this case referred to as a bat), and a separate compartment to store flower.

E . 

Short for electronic nail. Some can be used in place of a banger, while others are used in conjunction with a banger; e-nails use an electric coil or induction system to transfer heat to the glass.
Short for electronic dab rig. These all-in-one systems are both the rig itself, the banger, and the heating element.
Battery operated nectar collector that uses a ceramic or quartz tip with an embedded coil.

F .

  • Female Joint
A joint tapered outward, meant to accept a male joint.
  • Filter Tip
Also referred to as a crutch. A piece of paper or glass used at the end of a joint or blunt as a mouthpiece that also prevents the flower from entering one's mouth.
  • Fumed Glass
A type of iridescent glass as a result of a process where the glass blower hold a precious metal between the flame and the glass. This process causes the metal to vaporize, releasing fumes that travel to the glass.

G .

Utilizing water and gravity, these bongs work by submerging a bottle or chamber with a bowl of legal herb on top into a larger bottle or bucket of water. The bowl is lit and the bottle slowly drawn out, which fills the chamber with smoke. Then the smoker unscrews the lid, puts their mouth over the bottle’s opening, and pushes the bottle down. This action of gravity pushes smoke straight into their lungs.
  • Greens
A freshly packed bowl where the top layer is still 'green'.
A tool used to shred, chop, fluff, or rip apart nugs into smaller pieces that can then be rolled up or packed into a bowl. Some grinders feature a filter screen and kief catcher to collecting pollen.

H . 

A hand pipe that resembles a hammer or gavel. 
  • Hash
Short for hashish, hash is a solventless cannabis extract made from compressing and processing the trichomes of the plant.
  • Heady Glass
Heady glass is a moniker used to describe hand blown glass pieces that focus on aesthetics and artistry.
  • Hemp
Hemp is a botanical class of Cannabis sativa cultivars grown specifically for industrial or medicinal use.
Natural wick made from hemp that is coated in beeswax.
Hemp wraps are large flat papers, thicker than standard rolling papers, made out of hemp.
  • Hit
Taking a toke from a joint or blunt; taking a drag from a pipe or bong.
  • Hotbox
Smoking marijuana in a small enclosed area, causing it to fill with smoke in order to maximize the effect.

I .

  • Ice Pinch
Also called an ice catcher; an area in the neck of a bong that features small points that catch and hold ice cubes.
  • Incycler
A water pipe recycler system that features a second chamber inside the main chamber, which feeds back down.
  • Indica
A term often used to describe cannabis strains and products with sedating, relaxing, and strong physical effects.
  • Irie
A word borrow from  Jamaican Creole that means nice, good, or pleasing.

J . 

  • Joint
A rolled cannabis cigarette containing only cannabis and rolled in thin rice paper or hemp paper.
The union on a bong that connects the bowl, banger, or downstem to the main body.

K . 

  • Kief
The pure and clean collection of loose cannabis trichomes, which are accumulated by being sifted from cannabis flowers or buds with a mesh screen or sieve.
  • Kief Catcher
The bottom part of grinder, under the screen, that catches and collects kief.
  • Klein
A water pipe recycler system that combines the internal chamber of an incycler with external tubes.

L . 

  • Live Resin
A cannabis extract made from freshly harvested buds that is frozen immediately, and kept frozen throughout the extraction process. This process preserves all the trichomes and terpenes in the plant material. The frozen buds are then put through a solvent extract process.

M .

  • Male Joint
A joint tapered inward, meant to fit inside a female joint.
Short and portable water pipes with the same features found in full size bongs. Typically has a smaller more condensed chamber, and is under a foot in height.
  • Mouthpiece
The part of a dry pipe or water pipe that you put your mouth on to inhale from.

N .

  • Nail
An attachment used to take dabs from a water pipe that resembles a nail in appearance. The term 'nail' can also refer to newer attachments for dabbing, like a banger.
  • Neck
The part of a water pipe that connects the chamber to the mouthpiece. Also referred to as the uptake.
Vertical vaporizers for concentrates, identified by their vertical design and straw-like tip; nectar collectors use a heated tip to dip into concentrates, vaporizing them on contact. Also called dab straw or honey straw.
  • Nug
A single, self-contained, chunk of bud from a cannabis plant of high quality.

O .

P .

  • Percolator
The part of a water pipe that diffuses the smoke or vapor, causing a bubbling effect.
  • Piece
A slang term referring to glass smoking devices.
  • Pinner
A joint or blunt that is rolled skinny and has little material inside.
  • Poker
A tool used to clear a bowl or resin and ash.
  • Pollen Press
A device used to apply pressure to kief, forming a kief puck or hash.

Q .

R .

  • Reclaim
Residual concentrate that is recollected to be used again.
  • Recycler
A water pipe system that recycles the water from a one chamber to the next and back again.
  • Resin
Residual flower material found in a tar like form.
Also called a rolling machine; is a device that can roll a joint, spliff, or blunt.
Thin pieces of paper, usually made from rice or hemp, used to roll-you-own joints.
  • Rosin
A solventless cannabis extract made by apply heat and pressure to the plant material.

S .

  • Sativa
A term often used to describe cannabis strains and products with uplifting and cerebral effects, enhancing creativity and productivity.
  • Schwag
A slang term meaning lame, specifically referring to low quality cannabis.
  • Scientific Glass
Glass water pipes that focus on function over appearance, integrating advanced percolators and recyclers.
  • Screen
A first line filtration device that prevents flower or ash from entering a piece. Can be a replaceable mesh or built into the bowl.
  • Shake
The collection of herb and kief found at the bottom of a bag or jar that contains cannabis.
A hand pipe with an upward curving neck, resembling that used by Sherlock Holmes.
  • Snapper
An individual bowl of cannabis meant to be smoked by one person, then often re-packed and passed.
  • Splash Guard
A water pipe design feature that helps prevent water from reaching the user's mouth.
  • Spliff
A joint rolled with a combination of cannabis and tobacco.
A device used to conceal the smoke and odor that is exhaled. Usually a homemade device, but an advanced personal filtration device can also be purchased.
A hand pipe that resembles a spoon in design.
  • Steamroller
A hand pipe that is cylindrical in design with openings at both ends and a bowl located on top.
  • Stemless
A water pipe design feature that has a downtake, but no stem.
A water pipe that is designed as a tube without a widened bottom chamber.
  • Strain
Referring to the breed of cannabis; typically regarding whether it is indica, sativa, or hybrid.

T .

  • Terpenes
Naturally occurring chemical compounds found in plants responsible for the aromas, flavors, and effects of cannabis.
  • Terp Slurper
A type of banger that has a dish attached to the bottom, which feeds the bucket from small holes when concentrates are applied to the outer rim of the dish. These unique bangers typically have a vacuum chamber towards the bottom that draws the concentrates and vapor upwards.
  • THC
Tetrahydrocannabinol is the main cannabinoid found in cannabis. This psychoactive compound is what causes the "high" in the form of Delta 9 THC.
The drawing of a puff from a cigarette or pipe, typically one containing cannabis.
Smoke cannabis.
A tool used to heat up the banger or nail on a dab rig.
  • Trichomes
Fine outgrowths or appendages on plants, algae, lichens, and certain protists. The part of the cannabis that produces the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.
  • Trim
A collection of herb leaves trimmed front the plants that have trichomes on them. Not to be confused with shake.

U .

V .

A smoking device that uses a convection system to heat the air around the herb, extracting the cannabinoids and terpenes into a vapor.
  • Volcano
A model of desktop dry herb vaporizer, the term Volcano is sometimes used to reference any desktop vaporizer. 

W .

  • Water Chamber
The part of a water pipe that holds the water and usually houses the percolator.
  • Water Pipe
A smoking device that uses water to filter and cool the smoke.
  • Wig-Wag
A type of glass patterning that uses multiple colors in a back and forth, and spiral pattern.

X . 

Y .

Z .

  • Zong
A popular brand of water pipes known for their 'Z' shape neck that appears to have kinks in the glass. The brand name is commonly used to describe bongs that have the same feature.


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