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Top Cannabis Accessories and Tools You Can Find Online

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A list of key items that every stoner should have. These smoking accessories will definitely come in handy wether you are a casual toker and proffesional stoner.

When it comes to smoking pot, it's good to have all of the stoner accessories you'll need to get the job done. Whether you're having to smoke pot by yourself or having a quiet hang at a friend's place, or on the run, no one likes to be unprepared for a smoking session outside.

We now have access to various fascinating gadgets, including crystal bowls and vapes disguised as pens. The marijuana market is brimming with creativity in ways you'd never expect!

Essential Accessories For Every Stoner

There are several tools and accessories that a stoner can never go without, and therefore we have made a list of all the top cannabis accessories and tools you can find online.

1. Grinder

When it comes to the best marijuana equipment, the first thing that comes to mind is a grinder. Typically, a grinder is a tiny canister with "teeth" that you spin to grind the weed uniformly. By grinding your bud, you increase the surface area that can be burned, giving you a stronger high. Having a grinder is a must if you're looking for a smooth pot-smoking experience.

2. Rolling Machine

To a true pot smoker, not being able to roll a joint is nothing short of embarrassing. You're constantly relying on someone else to roll the joint because you don't roll it well yourself.

But don't worry; your days of bad joint-rolling are behind you. A rolling machine is a basic gadget that allows you to roll a good, even joint quickly and smoothly. This machine will always be helpful, whether you're trying to roll some joints for the first time or as a seasoned pro.

With a rolling machine, the time you spend rolling or packing will also shorten, allowing you to easily roll multiple joints in a single motion, making short-term weed storage easy.

3. Rolling Tray

Seasoned stoners know how hectic rolling fresh ground cannabis can be, and there's no predicting where it'll eventually wind up; your rug, your couch, your bed, your cushions, your clothes, etc.

Furthermore, having pot crumbs fly over their house can be a big nuisance for people who want to keep their weed-smoking a secret. Every cannabis smoker needs a rolling tray to keep everything in place and roll joints in peace.

4. One-Hitter Dugout

A one-hitter is a tiny pipe with a narrow vertical bowl designed for a single toke or one hit. As the name suggests, it normally stores roughly 25 milligrams of cannabis for a quick burst. While this may sound basic, a one-hitter dugout is quite useful, especially when you are looking for a high on the go.

A one-hitter is usually disguised as a cigarette and should go unnoticed everywhere you go. Other common varieties, such as chillums, can also be found. One-hitters have the advantage of reducing odor and ash build-up inside.

5. Vaporizer

You may be a traditional smoker who has enjoyed smoking joints for a long time, but you should be aware that vaping is a growing trend in the cannabis world. This smoking apparatus warms the weed to a specific temperature to release the vapor. A vaporizer, often known as a vape, is a useful tool to have on hand since it provides a smoother and cleaner experience, which is something newer pot smokers tend to enjoy a lot.

Some vapes work with only particular kinds of cannabis, meaning they are only suited for use with concentrates or nugs, so read the product description before placing your order.

6. Ashtray

Who said getting high couldn't also be hygienic? You can keep your space clean with an ashtray by depositing the ashes in an ashtray.

You can also keep a stash jar, which many people use to save the bits that come off, blunts, joints, and spliffs. It's a lot more hygienic and a lot less messy. Stash jars will ensure that your marijuana does not leak on the couch or the floor.

7. Lighter

A lighter is small enough to fit in your pocket and is very convenient to use. Keeping one on you means you won't have to ask others.

Just make sure it's working and won't go too quickly. Invest in a good light, so you never borrow your fire again.

8. Water Pipe

For most seasoned pot smokers, smoking with a bong is one of the most traditional methods of getting high. Bongs are sometimes known as water pipes or bubbles because they use water to rinse and chill the smoke. It is also not detrimental to people's health because it eliminates toxins from the herb.

For that quintessential smoking experience, every cannabis smoker should have a water pipe or bong at home. Even if you never end up using one, bongs are such stunning works of art that you could just set them up somewhere and admire them lovingly.

9. Joint Filter Tips

Even if you aren't worried about health concerns, joints will scorch your mouth and often have an unpleasant taste. When smoking joints, rolling filters is the way to limit your exposure to health issues such as inhaling resin, having a bad aftertaste in your mouth, or a burning sensation in your throat or mouth.

A sleek, circular filter or crutch helps in rolling crispier joints faster by avoiding the terrible sogginess that comes with a paper joint after a few rounds of puff, puff, pass.

10. Smell-proof Bags

A smell-proof bag to hide and store your weed stash is one of the most important cannabis accessories a pot smoker can have.

Even though many options are available nowadays, choosing the correct odor-proof bag might be difficult. Nonetheless, these bags are an absolute must-have if you want to preserve your weed stash. Aside from masking any odors, smell-proof bags have other benefits, such as minimizing moisture loss, retaining potency, and keeping others (particularly children) from tampering with your stash.

Smell-proof bags are available in various shapes, colors, sizes, and materials; it is up to you to choose one that best suits your preferences and requirements.


There's no denying that high-quality cannabis accessories make every smoke session more enjoyable. The good news is that we have some of the dopest cannabis-related accessories and tools on the market.

Check out our stash of amazing cannabis accessories and tools for every level of expertise. What do you know? You might be on your way to discovering your new favorite cannabis accessory.


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