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What is a Dab Rig and How Does It Work?

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Are you familiar with what a dab rig is and how to use it? If not, then give this quick breakdown a try to learn more about dab rigs.

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you’ve likely heard the phrase “dab rig”. What you’re wondering, though, is: what is a dab rig? 

To put it simply, a dab rig is a device used in the process of dabbing. It’s a necessary component in the dabbing process. But that’s just the beginning of the explanation. To learn more about dab rigs, read on!

What Is a Dab Rig?

We’ve given you a very basic definition of what a dab rig is. Now, let’s delve into more detail. A dab rig is a device that facilitates the practice of dabbing. 

Of course, to understand what that means, you must also understand what dabbing is. Dabbing involves heating cannabis extract (often referred to as wax) at extremely high heats. This heat vaporizes the extract, allowing the user to inhale large amounts of THC in a single drag. The result is a quick and extreme high. 

Now, how does the dab rig facilitate this? In many different ways. Each of the rig’s components serves a different purpose and is integral to the dabbing process. Let’s discuss the specific roles of these components now. 

The Water Chamber

Though dab rigs are now available in many different types, the traditional form of the dab rig presents itself as a small bong. In other words, it’s a small, glass water chamber through which vapor is passed, filtered, and cooled. 

The water chamber must remain filled with clean water. If there isn’t enough water in the water chamber, or if the water becomes dirty, you’re bound to get a rough and unsatisfying (and maybe even painful) hit. 

The Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is exactly what it sounds like it is: the piece of the dab rig on which you put your mouth and from which you inhale the vaporized THC. This component juts up from the water chamber, allowing the user to inhale the vapor the moment it becomes cooled and filtered. 

The Nail/Banger

Next, we’re going to discuss the nail/banger. This is where most of the magic happens. The nail is connected to the downstem and is responsible for heating up the wax concentrate. It can be made out of a variety of materials, with the most common being glass, quartz, and titanium. 

The nail initiates the dabbing process. It’s heated to extremely high temperatures with the use of a butane torch. Once the nail is hot enough, the user applies the wax to the nail, after which, the wax quickly turns to vapor. 

In order for the user to get the best results, they must drag on the mouthpiece while the wax is being vaporized. They must also ensure that every little bit of wax is, indeed, being vaporized. 

The nail is a replaceable piece of the dab rig. As such, if yours wears out or if it happens to break, you can simply replace it with a new one. 

The Downtake

The downtake is the component that features the joint, upon which you place the nail/banger. It transfers the vaporized wax to the water chamber. 

Necessary Dabbing Accessories

You can’t smoke dabs with a dab rig alone. If you want to dab, you need to purchase a few key accessories. These include the following. 

A Butane Torch

As we’ve noted, in order to do dabs, you must heat the nail component of the dab rig to an exceedingly high temperature. A simple gas station lighter isn’t going to get the job done. As such, you’ll need to purchase a butane torch. 

You can find specially made dab torches online for a few dozen bucks. These are small, handheld torches that are easy to carry around and conceal. 

You could also just buy a big butane torch from a home improvement store like Lowe’s or Home Depot. Note, though, that these torches are almost impossible to carry around in a discrete manner. 

Cannabis Concentrate

We've already mentioned it several times. Dabbing involves the use of cannabis concentrate. Often referred to as wax, this is a, well, waxy substance that contains high levels of THC. 

As was noted above, the concentrate is pressed up against the hot nail, thus turning it into vapor and allowing it to be inhaled by the user. It can be purchased at varying prices and comes in a wide variety of options. 

A Dabber

You obviously don't want to use your fingers to place the wax against an extremely hot nail. As such, you have to use a different component. Namely, you have to use a dabber. 

A dabber is essentially just a small, narrow rod. It can be made out of metal or quartz or ceramic or a variety of other materials. Its sole purpose is to hold the wax as it's being vaporized. 

Alternatives to the Traditional Dab Rig

We've explained the traditional dab rig at length. However, these days, there are other options available. 

For instance, you could purchase an electric dab rig. This dab rig contains an electrical component that heats the nail. As such, it removes the need for a butane torch. 

There are also recycler dab rigs available. These possess a more complex form of filtration, thereby allowing for a cleaner and more satisfying smoking experience. 

Portable dab rigs exist as well. These can be used on the go, as they're small enough to conceal and be held in one hand. Designed to keep water from spilling, they make use of electrical heating components. 

Interested in Buying a Dab Rig?

Now that you know a thing or two about dab rigs, you might be interested in buying a dab rig currently. If so, you needn’t look any further. We have some of the best dab rigs on the market right here at Toke N Dab. 

Whether you want a portable dab rig, an electric dab rig, a recycler dab rig, or otherwise, we have you covered. Check out our selection of cheap dab rigs now!


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