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  • Anomaly Colfax Wood Dugout Kit - TND

    Anomaly Colfax Wood Dugout Kit

    A classy wood dugout with metal accents and a glass bat The Colfax Dugout Kit from Anomaly is an elegant and classy rendition of the classic dugout. This beautifully crafted dugout features a wood housing with metal accents, a six point magnetic cover with storage plug, and a glass one-hitter. The classic dugout with a sexy makeover The Colfax Dugout is the size and shape of a pack of cigarettes; making it extremely portable and comfortable in your pocket. The storage chamber size holds a hefty amount of ground up legal herb, with the one hitter nestled securely in the second chamber. Simply open the dugout, remove the bat, press the front of the bat into the ground up herb to load, light, and enjoy. Repeat as necessary to achieve the right dose. Product Specifications: 3.5" x 2" x 1" Magnetic Lid with Plug Holds up to 2g 3" 12mm Glass One-Hitter (Bat) Product Includes: Colfax Wood Dugout Glass One-Hitter Velvet Carry Bag Sticker

  • Anomaly Drift Bubbler - TND

    Anomaly Drift Bubbler

    A classy bubbler with wood accent and large removable bowl piece The Drift Bubbler is the latest addition to the Anomaly lineup and is one of their most popular creations along with the epic Colfax Dugout. This bubbler features a wooden removable base for easy cleaning, a large bowl and a circular percolator allowing for a smooth, flavorful hit. The down-stem and perc are available in black, white or smoke colors and the removable wooden base is available in our signature maple or walnut woods. The kit also includes an extra soft pillow draw-string bag for carefree transportation and storage of the bubbler. Product Specifications: Circ Perc 1.25" Bowl Diameter 0.25" Male Bowl 6" Tall 1.875" Wide Base Removable Wooden Base Product Includes: Drift Bubbler Bowl Piece Draw String Padded Bag


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