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    Hitoki Saber Laser Consumption Device

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    A portable device to attach to a rig that uses a laser to light the bowl! Hitoki presents the Saber, a smaller and more portable version of their original laser consumption device! The Saber is an attachment that replaces the bowl on any 14mm or 18mm water pipe, and uses a patent-pending laser system to light the bowl. The Hitoki Saber features an aluminum housing with a laser-shield viewing chamber, a magnetic twist-to-lock base that contains a ceramic loading chamber, a removable rubber 14mm/18mm adapter, and a built-in battery with USB-C charging. The Saber features a single button that can turn on/off the device, switch between three power levels, check battery status, and fire the device. Five clicks will power the Saber on or off, three clicks to cycle between power levels, and four clicks to check the status of the battery. This is high tech toking that works! Product Specifications: Height: 5.25" Diameter: 1.625" Connection: 14mm 18mm Class 1 Laser Red Laser Cylinder Shield Single Button Multiple Functions Ceramic Loading Chamber

    Out of stock



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