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  • Integra Boost 55% RH Humectant Pack - 8g - TND

    Integra Boost 55% RH Humectant Pack - 8g

    A two-way humidity control pack with 55% relative humidity Integra presents their Integra Boost 2-way humidity control packs to control moisture in an enclosed area. Integra's patented technology will either release or absorb moisture, maintaining relative humidity at 55%in a contained environment. Each pack contains a proprietary blend of plant-based glycerin and water. Each of our packs is spill and tear-resistant, FDA-compliant, 99% biodegradable and non-toxic. Included with each Boost pack is a smart, simple-to-read Replacement Indicator Card. Simply replace the old pack with a fresh one when the dot on the Replacement Indicator Card turns bright blue. Depending on the amount of contents to be preserved, we recommend the following guidelines: Up to 12 grams of your product: 4 gram Boost pack 12-28 grams of your product: 8 gram Boost pack Up to 1 pound of your product: 67 gram Boost pack Up to 5 pounds of your product: 320 gram Boost pack Up to 6 pounds of your product: 420 gram Boost pack Pro Tip: it's always better to use a larger size pack. Our smart 2-way humidification technology responds accordingly to create equilibrium even if you use extra Boost packs or a larger size than necessary.



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