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  • Sicko SK-022 Multipurpose Torch - TND

    Sicko SK-022 Multipurpose Torch

    2500 ° F butane torch for all your dabbing needs The SK-022 Multipurpose Torch from Sicko is the perfect dabbing companion. This refillable butane torch can throw flames up to 2500° F (1300° C) from the single jet nozzle. The SK-022 Torch features adjustments for gas, continuous flame lock, igniter safety, and air valve for normal flame. This torch is ideal for heating your banger or nectar collector tip.

  • Last stock! Sicko SK-078 Pro Torch - TND

    Sicko SK-078 Pro Torch

    2 in stock

    A versatile butane torch with temperatures up to 2500 ° F The SK-078 Pro Torch from Sicko is the perfect torch for dabs! This torch can be manipulated with one hand and features a gas adjustment lever, piezo ignition, constant on knob, and airflow adjustment for flame. This torch can reach a maximum temperature of 2500° F, making it perfect for heating your dab nail, banger, terp slurper, or dab straw tip!  

    2 in stock



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