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How to Use a Nectar Collector

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Do you know how to use a nectar collector? Check out this quick guide associated with some of the techniques for using these devices.

The cannabis industry will reach global sales of over $33 billion by 2025. The rapid growth of this industry can be because of the improvements in legality. The medical and recreational benefits it presents also contribute to its sales growth.

In recent years, trends in smoking cannabis gained popularity. It came with various tools to elevate the cannabis smoking experience. One of those tools is the nectar collector.

Do you want to know how a nectar collector works? Keep reading to learn some techniques for using these devices.

What Is a Nectar Collector?

In 2011, glass artist Kristian Merwin came up with a rig for smoking waxes and oils. The first nectar collectors made the process of using concentrates easy. Nectar collectors are one of the trendiest ways of smoking cannabis concentrates.

It features a vertical and tube-like design like straws. These devices are usually glass or silicone. They also have tips that can either be titanium or quartz.

Nectar collectors come in different types.

Silicone dab straws are one of the more affordable options. They are durable and easy to maintain. Its durability makes it the top choice for those looking for portable options.

A glass nectar collector is an option that can withstand higher temperatures. It's easy to clean and often comes in a carrying case. The fragileness of glass makes it ideal for home use.

People looking for a portable option can opt for an electric nectar collector. They operate with the help of a battery, eliminating the need for a torch. An electronic nectar collector uses breath-activated heating that makes it easy to use.

These portable devices vaporize cannabis concentrates. A nectar collector dab works by heating the tip with a torch or electric power. Once heated, the user can inhale the vapor from the cannabis concentrate.

Choosing a Nectar Collector

Did you know that in 2019, over 48 million people used cannabis? Their purpose varies from medical to recreational use. Choosing the right tools can help improve the experience of cannabis use.

For nectar collectors, the first thing to consider is safety and quality. Choosing the material is crucial for safety and longevity.

When looking for a nectar collector, aim for titanium or quartz tips. These are the safest materials based on reviews. Make smoking sessions more enjoyable with quartz tips because they can enhance flavors.

Also, consider the type of heating system you want for your nectar collector. You can choose between using a torch or a battery-operated heating system. The choice of the heating system comes in handy for portability and use.

One last tip in looking for a nectar collector is checking reviews online. A nectar collector kit usually has all the essentials you will need. These tools come in many shapes and designs so, finding the perfect one won’t be too hard.

How to Use a Nectar Collector

Nectar collectors are one of the most simple cannabis smoking tools in the market. People familiar with traditional dab rigs won’t have trouble using them.

For beginners, start by filling the body of the nectar collector with water. Next, grab a blow torch and heat the tip of the device. Do this for about 40 to 50 seconds or according to the strength of the torch.

The heating time also varies depending on the quality of the tip. After heating, allow the device tip to cool for around 15 to 30 seconds. Be careful and watch to avoid burning the parts of the device.

Once it’s at the perfect temperature, you can place your mouth on the mouthpiece. Inhale while applying the tip to the concentrates in the dish. Keep inhaling as vapor forms and remove the straw from the collector dish when done.

Benefits of Nectar Collectors

One of the benefits of using a nectar collector is the ease of use. Users only have to use one hand while enjoying the smoking session. It's easy compared to traditional ways of smoking cannabis.

Enthusiasts can get nectar collectors for an affordable price. The prices of these devices are much lower than large dab rig setups. They are perfect for new users who want to try cannabis without breaking the bank.

Convenience and portability are some of the benefits of nectar collectors. Traditional cannabis dab rigs are large and can be hard to carry around. Since nectar collectors are much smaller, users can bring them anywhere.

Store them in any bag by separating the parts. Break the tip, mouthpiece, and body and store them in a case. Using a storage case that usually comes with the kit prevents crushing.

These devices are easy to carry around. Users can store it in any purse or bag. They are ideal for cannabis enthusiasts on the go.

Nectar collectors help avoid wasting wax. The user can track how much concentrate they want to smoke. The device does not waste wax, unlike regular cannabis dab rigs.

How to Clean Nectar Collectors

Get the best out of your nectar collector by keeping it clean. Nectar collectors are easy to clean and maintain. You only need a few things like hot water and alcohol-based cleaning agents.

Start by removing the tips and blowing air through the mouthpiece. This step pushes the water out of the device. Next, fill the chamber with the cleaning agent. Then, soak the device upright in a tall container and leave for about an hour.

You can also add salt to help scrape the resin on the device. Do this by adding a ratio of 2:1 solution to salt. Put the soaked device in a plastic bag and start shaking to remove the built-up resin.

The last step is to rinse all the parts with hot water. Make sure to remove any residue from the cleaning solution. Finally, lay everything out and let it dry.

Get Your Nectar Collectors Today

You now know how to use a nectar collector. They are a new and unique way of enjoying cannabis. They can make your smoking sessions more enjoyable!

Do you want to learn other ways of enjoying cannabis? Contact us today and let us show you endless possible ways to enjoy cannabis.


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