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How To Use The Purple Rose Supply G2 Cannagar Mold Press

, by Chad Hirano, 6 min reading time

How to properly use the Purple Rose Supply G2 Cannagar Mold to create the perfect cannagar!

The G2 Cannagar Mold Press From Purple Rose Supply is an easy way to create your own cannabis cigars. The end result is a tightly packed, slow burning, smooth hitting, cannagar that is enjoyable for hours. The G2 will deliver professional results every time if used correctly. Let me walk you through the correct process of creating a cannagar with the G2.

*Pro Tip: The stickier the flower you use, the better. If you live in a dry climate, properly store your herb with humidity control. A CVault storage with Boveda pack is recommended. I live in Colorado and using this setup to store my weed brings the buds back to life!

Creating The Perfect Cannagar with the Purple Rose Supply G2

Step 1. Grind your flower using a weed grinder of your choice. I recommend using a quality grinder like the Cali Crusher Homegrown or a Santa Cruz Shredder. Depending on what size G2 mold you use will determine how much cannabis flower you need to grind. The size chart below will give you a reference for about how much you need for each cannagar mold size.

  • Personal: 2 to 4 grams
  • Small: 3.5 to 7 grams
  • Large: 10 to 14 grams
Cannagar Size Comparison

    Step 2. Close the mold and secure the latch. The G2 is fitted with a metal latch with positive retention to prevent the mold from opening while packing. Be sure the latch clicks into place. Insert one of the included skewers through the small hole at the base of the mold, allowing it to protrude from the top.

    Step 3. Begin filling the mold. Pour a small amount of ground up herb into the top of the mold. The built-in funnel will help guide the herb down the shaft of the mold. Use the packing rod to condense the herb into a solid piece. It is very important to pack the mold tightly in sections; do not try and fill the entire mold and then pack. Repetition is the key. Keep filling and packing until the mold is full, or until you have achieve the desired length of the cannagar you are trying to create. The skewer might not be perfectly straight, but that's okay. From my experience it doesn't effect the way it smokes.

    *Pro tip: If you do not pack the mold tight enough in the beginning, the end may expand and fall off once released from the mold.

    Step 4. Let is cure! This step is very important. It is recommended to let the filled mold cure overnight for the Personal and Small, and 24 hours for the Large. If you are impatient, a 3 hour minimum cure time should work for the Personal and Small size mold. It is highly recommended to let the Large size mold cure for the full 24 hours. The curing process allows the cannagar to solidify into a solid unit, preventing it from decompressing and falling apart.

    Step 5. Release the mold. Unlatch the mold latch and carefully open the mold. If packed and cured correctly, you will be able to roll the cannagar out of the mold by using both thumbs to rotate the cannagar. Leave the skewer in place until you have applied the wrap.

    Step 6. Wrap it. Choose your preferred material for wrapping your cannagar. You can use cannabis or hemp leaves, blunt wraps, Backwoods, rolling paper, rose petals, hemp wraps, banana leaf wraps, etc. I personally like to use hemp wraps or King Palm x Cookies Palm Leaf Wraps for a little flavor. Be sure your material will wrap all the way around with some material at each end to enclose the top and bottom of the cannagar. Use the packing rod as a gauge to ensure the wrap will make it all the way around. You can join multiple leaves or wraps to cover the full surface of the cannagar. Once the wrap has dried, carefully remove the skewer to reveal the airflow channel. Carefully press your finished cannagar into the included wooden tip and you're ready to go!

    *Pro tip: Use Purple Rose Supply Rolling Glue to help secure your wrap if using a dry wrap.

    The Purple Rose Supply G2 Cannagar Mold Works Like a Charm!

    Now enjoy your perfectly pressed and rolled cannagar! Use a torch or torch lighter to spark the end of your cannagar. Expect a nice long sesh with the slow burn rate of these bad boys, and enjoy chiefing on your masterpiece!

    Check out our video on How To Use The Purple Rose Supply G2 Cannagar Mold.


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