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  • Stache Products DigiTül - Digital Scale Dab Tool - TND

    Stache Products DigiTül - Digital Scale Dab Tool

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    The first ever digital scale dab tool by Stache Products! Stache Products presents the DigiTül, a digital scale dab tool to accurately weigh each dab. This revolutionary product was designed to accurately weigh each dab for consumption. Gone are the days of eyeballing or guessing. With the DigiTül you can get the exact weight every time for the perfect dose! The DigiTül is perfect for a medical patient wanting to accurately dose or micro dose, the budget friendly consumer wanting to ration out product, the curious consumer who just wants to know their intake, or the recreational consumer wanting to flex how much they're consuming. The Stache Products DigiTül features a magnetic connection tool head, accurately weighs between .05g to 200g, and uses two AAA batteries (sold separately). 

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  • Sale -25% Stache Products RiO Matte - Rig in One - TND

    Stache Products RiO Matte - Rig in One

    An All-In-One Dab Rig For At Home Or On-The-Go Stache Products' RiO is an all inclusive portable dab rig. The RiO, or Rig in One, combines a proprietary base with built-in torch, with a rectangular dab rig. The rig is positioned perfectly with the torch head so that the banger can be heated simply and efficiently. The Perfect Flame For Portability and Convenience Stache Products developed a proprietary torch with the perfect flame specifically for this application. The torch has a non adjustable overflow valve and heat shield. The torch is removable and refillable, and comes empty. Even Heat Distribution With The Core Quartz Banger Included with the RiO Matte is a Stache Products Core Quartz Banger. This Banger is designed for even heat distribution, and works perfect will a bubble carb cap. This 3mm thick quartz banger is perfect for both cold starts and hot starts. Convenient Carry Case for The Rig-In-One Every RiO Matte comes in a high quality, color matched, padded carrying case that secures everything you need for dabs on the go. The case will keep and protect all parts of the RiO, and has a mesh pocket inside for concentrate containers or additional supplies. Use the included plugs to transport the RiO with water in the rig so that it will be ready to use a seconds notice. Product Includes: Boro Glass Mini Rig Shower Head Percolator 14mm Female Joint Silicone Base Sleeve Core Quartz Banger 14mm Male RiO Matte Color Base Matching Color Torch Stache Bubble Carb Cap Dab Tool Plug Set High Quality Color Matched Carry Case Eva Foam Insert


  • Stache Products ConNectar and SLIM Battery Combo Set - TND

    Stache Products ConNectar and SLIM Battery Combo Set

    A SLIM Nectar ConNectar... I mean Collector Stache Products presents their ConNectar and SLIM battery, together as one for the perfect portable electronic nectar collector. The ConNectar utilizes a Clapton coil tip with a straw body that runs parallel with the battery. The SLIM battery has three power output settings and 400mAh capacity. Together these products make the perfect portable nectar collector!

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Stache Products is an innovation company aiming to bring convenient, affordable, and portable to their customers. Stache Products is known for their ingenious core product, the Rig In One (RiO). The RiO combines a dab rig and torch into a single hand-held unit that is portable and easy to use.


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